Monday, 21 March 2016

Guardians Of Rotting Cauliflower

Maybe it's all the thumb-fucking of cell phones being the cause, but I tend to expect less spelling and grammatical errors out of somewhat major publications than this article contains. It's not an isolated incident as I have been seeing a lot of this lately. Maybe there are no real editors left in that job market, or maybe they've all been replaced by newer, younger personas who've been trained in common-core educational meat grinders that won't correct things so as not to 'hurt feelings'... Yet leads to exactly this death of the language. I've probably railed against this'd before, I'll likely rail against it again. It also leads to a whole lot of other stupid, too.

Fuck it. Fuck it a lot...

There was a big sale on mouldy rotting cauliflower at the grocery store the other day. I looked at the calendar expecting April fools, but it wasn't April yet. Then there was the Brussels airport bombing and suddenly there are security guards posted at the same grocery store... Guarding mouldy cauliflower, I presume. Funnier still they were paged twice while I shopped for twelve items, strangely, they were all out of cauliflower. 

I've been catching some very strange juju lately. Recurrence of numbers, people thinking I'm someone else, odd conversations with complete strangers, seemingly supernatural sunrises and sunsets.

I've been actively avoiding media and news of any kind outside of a few choice blogs for months, yet somehow things I need to know find me either via grapevine, or random happenstance like the radio of a passing car. Maybe I miss out on the undertones buried in the din of background noise meant to trigger emotional response in this manner, and maybe it's promulgated so far that coincidence is closer to persistence. I can't say for certain without jumping back into the fray and metring it for myself, but I still seem to know more about whatever's going on in Trump Towers than a non-American should ever need to. My opinion of candidates running for president does not change my inability to cast a vote, which, I likely wouldn't anyway. 

It beggars the imagination that news is presented by a minority who is known for manipulating history by inserting whichever lies were the most convenient at the time.

This post is everywhere... Probably best to end it.


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  1. Yup, Some fucked up shit taking place. Weirder than normal shit too. I mean there was weird shit happening before but right now someone has flushed the valium down the toilet and the bug eyed buggers are on the loose. For example I was on my way home a couple of day ago and some tunnel vision driver just takes off from the stop sign and nails a guy halfway across the street. Looked like they had to swerve to get him too. I thought, Jesus even I could see him crossing and I was 3 cars back. That's some fucked up shit there. I swear they weren't in their right mind. The lights were on but someone else was home in that head. It's getting weirder by the day. Can't be sure what's looking out from behind the eyes of even your friends anymore. They could have been brainjacked.