Monday, 11 July 2011

Is 1 million dollars worth 18 months in white collar prison? Hell yeah

Banker Fraud 18 Months for 1million?

I have a better idea: in jail he can pay back the million @ $1 per hour at a nice sub-prime rate of half a percent... And because I am feeling generous I'll even count hours he's sleeping or being butt-raped in the general population. He'll be all paid off in 175 years (and I have left him $15 a month for bribes and smokes, which might give his butt an hour or two of rest per month).

Mortgage Payment Calculator Your input values:

Principal $ 1000000
Interest Rate 0.500 %
Amortization Period 175 years
Starting month Jul
Starting year2011


  • Monthly Payment: 714.62$
  • Avg Monthly Interest: $ 237.43
  • Total Int: $500698.03
  • Total Payment: $ 1500698.03


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