Friday, 17 June 2011

The Cyber war part 2

RSA: Hacked
Lockheed Martin: Hacked
L3 Communications: Hacked
Citigroup: Hacked (most retardedly, I might add)
... The list is already bigger than this and has probably grown since I started typing

Reports are in. The cyber war has started. The open unregulated internet is about to be declared a threat to 'national security', and therefore a bad. The cyber death squad members have already been chosen and are waiting in the wings for the green light. The last gateway to truth and freedom of expression shall be welded shut. All communications with the outside world shall be forced down your gullet by the ministry of internet truth. Enjoy your Soilent Green and shut up.

Government is good. Government loves you. Government knows best. Here's some funny lol-catz videos, and maybe some more pictures of Weiner's Wiener. Go back to sleep until we wake you, it's all a bad dream. Here's a blue pill to help you sleep (the red pills are evil and should not be taken orally).

Translation: It has all gone to hell, our propagandist media puppets have lost as much credibility as our puppet politicians. There are leaks inside our ranks and our plans will be spoiled if enough people see through the cracks. If our propagandist media puppets and politicians are not trusted to be telling the truth, how can we use them to discredit the so-called wing nuts and loonies who seek to expose us.

We must quickly throw up some distractions (I mean the only thing less ingenious would have been if a Congressman named "Dick Penis" born in Vulva Nebraska had twittered his junk, but I suppose that would have been considered too brazen and bold even for them).

Now that they are back in their peaceful naps it's time to pull the plug, install a filter, and plug it all back in before they wake up again. Henceforth Truth Seekers, Hatriots, and other wing-nuts shall be directed to the commentary of our best trained puppet. All other truth movement domains shall point here.

LULZ SEC -- My opinion of this group is that: once the proper legislation has been passed they will be officially renamed the ministry of internet truth. The Citibank hack was either due to the stupidest security blunder in internet banking security ever, or it was an engineered false-flag cyber attack. Either way this bank does not care about you, the little people who have made it rich... But, then again if you pull out all your money today, your tax dollars will save them, so I suppose there is no proper way to revolt against them as either way, they win and we all lose.

The CIA being hacked/attacked seems redundant as I am sure their site is likely under attack more often than it isn't by.... Um... Everybody, including the CIA itself.

So why would the CIA hack itself?
  1. to hack one's own property is actually legal. It's known as perimeter or security testing.
  2. it makes big news that might overshadow the hactivist group Anonymous. 
  3. forget number two, they can paint LULZ SEC and Anonymous as being Apples to Apples.
    Back to Citi for a moment, I am not done venting...
    Coincidentally (or not since the breach was actually last month and they decided not to tell anybody), Citibank's hack announcement was timed to foreshadow Anonymous' Operation Empire State Rebellion which is an IRL event not involving computers. And of course it was initially falsified from 360000 to 200000 to ensure secondary media coverage.

    So right now, the fake cyber-war of criminalistic activities is ramping up in it's effort to vilify those with altruistic motives of making the world a better place through the dissemination of information, and coordinating the resulting dissent toward the true evils that are infecting our planet.

    The truth is out there, and our liberty and freedom will be crushed in the effort to conceal it.

    Resist, Rebel, Revolt. Or the last and best means of decentralized, coordinated protest shall be forever changed by censorship, intimidation and lies.


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