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The Ultimate Sin

It appears to be a slow news day here in the land of looney twoneys and maple syrup. Of course, it's a holiday weekend, and a Sunday morning, so maybe I simply need to wait for "stupid" to wake up and say things as will inevitably happen... I'm done parroting on about Edward Snowden and Michael Hastings, the NSA, and the police state for the moment and have zero unread items in my news feeds right now, which suggests I might actually have nothing to talk about. Except that it's been brought to my attention that I haven't mentioned certain things in a very long while. I might have eluded to them, or put up links to them, and I've even done some funky math to illustrate them, but not openly said them...

Yes, it's time to talk about the ultimate sin: usurious fractional reserve banking

This is the control system. Sure there are others overlaid on top of this control system, which are either there to keep us from seeing this one, or to keep us compliant to this one, but in the end, everything boils down to money. Since almost all money throughout the entire globe uses this method, almost every dollar, euro, yen, yuan, pound, etc. is debt with interest, or as Rivero so eloquently called it, the 11th marble. (don't bother with the videos in his article, they have been killed by the censorship police. The above video is one of them, and the other video is here, but is much more about U.S. taxation, than the banking enslavement machine)

Of course, the story does not end there, that's just the primer meant to help you understand the basis of banking: Central banks prop up commercial banks in the event of a bank run by buying Federal Bonds (Government promises to pay back at interest) in exchange for the Treasury turning on the printing press and sending truckloads of Federal notes to the banks in need of money they lent out yet didn't have in the first place... Understand? No?

How about now? This is pretty close to how it all works... Commercial banks take the earnings of others, turn that into more debt (loans) than existed in earnings (deposits), then expects the Central bank (backed by government debt in all but 3 countries presently: Iran, North Korea, and Cuba) to force the government to hit up the tax-payer when the 'magic' is ultimately revealed: there is little or no money in the bank, only a promise to pay back debt plus interest (the 11th marble)...

The 'magic' of banking is creative accounting, which, in every other business model is called: fraud.

This is compounded by several factors: The bank needs an ever increasing number of deposits to keep this system from stagnating, and borrowers need ever increasing money to pay back the loans, which, in case you had forgotten, were based on money that never existed to begin with. So if the money that was borrowed didn't exist, where does the more non existent money come from?

Enslavement, misery, and war...

a person who is the property of and wholly subject to another; a bond servant. -or- a person entirely under the domination of some influence or person.

A 'bond' servant? Is that like 'government savings bonds', or 'stocks & bonds'?

something that binds, fastens (your agreement to pay back the loan binds or fastens you to it's terms), confines (the law confines you for not owning up to your agreement), or holds together (The Government creates the law, which allows banks to lend what doesn't exist and charge interest on it, while protecting their investment of money they never had to begin with).
Finance. to place a bonded debt on or secure a debt by bonds; mortgage.

Bond... Also known as 'fetter' or 'chain' and up until 1050 AD synonymous with: a serf or slave (aka bondage)... I wonder who stopped printing that in the dictionary almost 1000 years ago?

OK, enslavement has been proven simply by looking in the dictionary...

distress or suffering caused by need, privation, or poverty.

Poverty is an easy one: if everybody is scrambling to pay back more non existent money than was borrowed, and it's been going on for quite some time, where did all that new fake money come from, and where did it end up? Inflation is one place... Yes 1 dollar used to go far... Even in my own life a dollar used to be 4 bus trips, now it's a third of one that gets laughed off the bus relegated to walking in the rain (and I was a kid back then, meaning my dollar was 10 bus trips on the reduced fare, but to be fair, I've elected to demonstrate what my parents paid). I remember buying a bag of chips for a dime, now I need almost 20 dimes for a bag that's twice as large (this points to a wholly different problem but is likely due to some economists wet dream... Maybe there's some science that says fat people can't math, there's certainly been studies that suggest junk food does not assist with the thought process). Of course the other place is: into the pockets of wealthy usurers, to be redebted to the next sucker, or to be paid out in bribery to silence those who might think this whole thing is a sham and attempt to attack it politically.

Distress and suffering caused by need are also as simple as this: don't pay your mortgage for a couple of months and tell me what happens... You will be caused to 'need' to find a new place to live, your word (or signature on a promise to pay back fake money at interest) becomes distressed, and you will find yourself suffering from depression (aka emotionally distressed) at having been kicked out of the place you called home.

It's all written into history, language, and culture if you dig deeply enough. Usury has been outlawed in many ages gone by, and makes dishonourable mention in almost every single religion still in existence today. Yet, because money buys everything except happiness, this evil has taken root as the basis of almost the entire world... Which brings us to the last, and possibly easiest to proove point:


How do you obtain the non-existent thing that somebody expects you to give them back (especially if you know you never had it to begin with)? Take somebody else's things... Most of the time the other person will tell you to go fuck yourself, but when you beat the living hell out of them, they begin to see things your way, or loose the ability to continue arguing. and sometimes, breathing. It could be said that the recent endless global war on terror (which is, oddly enough, another imaginary thing... Terror is the fear of what could happen as a multiple of what has already happened... Hmmm, that's interesting, I appear to have stumbled onto another thing which is milked to the expectation of more coming out than was put in... I almost feel that I don't even need to say another word... But I will...), has been precisely this taking of the next persons things.

What nations have been OVERTLY attacked (either by the U.S. or NATO, or NATO affiliated nations) during the last dozen years of seemingly endless war against an emotion (or non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction)? Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Mali & coming soon, Syria, all the while Iran, Iran, Iran minced with the occasional North Korea is who is being flogged as the next enemy... Now, leaving aside that there are people whose names come up way too often in these circle-jerks of death and destruction:

Because, for all their evil, they'd be nothing without the approval of the underlying system of money owners and bought governments who have not only failed to prosecute such douchebags (he chuckles, because he was there), or such douchebags, or such douchebags, but allowed them to climb to the highest ranks unchallenged... I could list douchebags all day, but the point is really that these are the front men, who, each in turn, steal the focus away from prior douchetastic acts of douchebagery through the act of outdouchebagging the previous douchebag, and hold the douchebags who came before them in the highest honour for laying the groundwork on which their more douchtastic acts could be acted out...

Remember, Money is the back-fill of politics... How much money do you think is needed to make the largest douchebags appear less douchbageristic than their equally douchebagist competitor? (OK, cue commercials, we need to put more lipstick on the pig with the lipstick... and try to remove the lipstick from the pig without lipstick, if you can...). Because despite that media is consolidated to a few very wealthy individuals, putting lipstick on a pig costs money that wealthy individuals borrowed from people who didn't have any money, that was stolen from those who did...

Shit, I got off track... It's easy to do when you are talking about the things money causes and infects which is one of the reasons most people don't talk about it... Of course the media will still come into focus, but I was not done talking about war yet... was I?

War... (OK, so really a refocused effort to say what I was trying to say before)

Forget about oil for a second, because it muddies up everything given that it's a finite (and shrinking) resource that, when burned into nothing, becomes motion... (other problems for other days). Also, because I think it was really a secondary 'benefit' in the whole 'war on terror' or 'war to protect American interests' or whatever the hell they are calling it this week... Many of the countries overtly attacked, or covertly regime changed by NATO/US trained, and funded rebels had a government owned central bank, and now, they do not... Afghanistan might have simply been needed as a good 'war torn' backdrop known for growing poppies (aka Opium) which has long been the greatest source of revenue for CIA operations (except when they sell weapons instead... So if Iran has weapons of Mass distruction, they probably have a CIA asset tag on them somewhere.). Yes, it's been going on a long time.

Wow, I keep somehow missing my mark here being pulled into every other damned thing...

Why don't I let Rivero, and Visible take this one home...

Barring that, I could always direct you to things I've already said myself.


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