Monday, 3 June 2013

When The Turkey Broke Free

There seems to be a lot of these kinds of things going on everywhere lately. The biggest shocker (for me) in this story was in it's source. I didn't see this in my regular sources until after I'd seen it shared by a Facebook friend. Of course today it has disappeared from my Facebook news feed which indicates that either I was dreaming, or cat videos are more important... [sigh]

I haven't decided yet whether there has been a guided hand that led Istanbul into these events, but the absence of any visible 'raised fist' logos on banners and protesters shirts could mean this is for real and spontaneous. Time will tell for certain, but when you consider Turkey's silence in the recent Hegemony for Zionism telethon of the bombs being broadcast on all channels, it seems pretty convincingly not a staged event...

Of course this isn't too say that things have not been somewhat mishandled and meted with the usual vulgar display of power we so often see from those who are afraid that we might be onto them. No. That heavy handed behavior was meant to demonstrate that we are all but pawns in a game of kings, queens, and bishops. They aren't afraid of a little bloodletting and they'd sacrifice us all simply to remain seated on their thrones sculpted of fecal matter and the bones of the pawns who came and went before us. Yet it all (un)predictably backfires proving that you can't quiet this riot. It's up to us to believe in ourselves in these efforts to uproot the corrupt parasitic monsters who need us infinitely more than we need them, because we know which side we're being programmed to take. The wrong one.

They see the dissent spreading the globe but were never trained on how to properly execute a 'running scared' retreat, so, instead, we are treated to a parade of ever bigger guns fired at humans for humanitarian excuses. The forth world war is breaking out before the third was openly declared, let's hope the former ends the latter before the latter ends us all.


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