Thursday, 27 June 2013

bacon grease jello wrestling

I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later... Masked men arrested in NDG bank. Given that the bank would have been closed @ 10:00 PM, some sort of explanation about the masks and why they were wearing them might be helpful. I don't think the wearing masks law applies when there is no 'protest' going on, especially since they were arrested for having drugs on them which would not have been known had nobody called the police on them for wearing masks.

It's a sad state of affairs when, for all we know, two people who were going to a costume party but needed to withdraw cash on the way, get ratted out and busted. I won't deny that it's possible that they were up to no good, but, this story and it's wording leads me to draw my own conclusions given it's lack of any substance, so the bottom line in my conclusions is they were arrested simply for wearing masks, and wondering if they would have even been arrested were they not carrying drugs.

And while they are busy publishing this useless police state story, they're not talking about something I've seen from an underground source (published 7 hours ago), which I'd consider big news. Though there appears to be some doubt as to whether or not it's true. I suppose I will let this one sort itself out for a while since I can't do much about it one way or the other from here.

While I am on topics that will not be covered in mainstream news...

That word I saw yesterday as a reminder I hadn't spoken of it in a while... Here it is again: Fukushima nuclear power plant operator TEPCO is thinking nuclear power might not be a good idea afterall. I fail to see how decommissioning reactors is any form of compensation to survivors of the nuclear disaster... Consolation prize maybe, but compensation would likely involve building a new section of coastline on Japan and emptying the Pacific and refilling it with radiation free water, and bringing loved ones, who did not survive, back to life... I'm not suggesting this can even be done, I'm simply suggesting that people should use the correct words when they speak.

And David Chase Taylor is finally getting an asylum hearing in Switzerland. I'm pretty sure nobody wants you to read about that, or know who he is, which has always been a good enough reason for me to read or learn anything.

Beyond that, the world is still up to it's normal stupidities. Though if this is true, we could easily avert 'suicide bombers' simply by slathering up in bacon grease every morning and hugging them when they decide to show off the dynamite vest they've fashioned. Sure, this would change the whole singles scene and turn casual sex into something more akin to jello wrestling, but we've already made so many concessions to individual rights and privacy at this point, that what's a little jello wrestling among fuck buddies as a fair trade for real and actual security? Maybe they'd change tactics and never open the trench coat, but they'd still risk mincing my bacon grease covered shrapnel body parts with their can't touch a pig shrapnel body parts and forgo the 40 virgins, so it's still a win... And the pig farmers unions would love us...



  1. ...And let's not forget this:

    But then, that's the purpose of all this language tension that spews like venom from the mouths of Quebec politicians...