Sunday, 2 June 2013

the stripper pole: a perpendicular slope

It's amazing to think that in less than a quarter of a century, one country has managed to move from the spotlight as the enemy of freedom, to one of the few left protecting freedom. Though I suppose it is less amazing when you look at how the previous tenant @ 1 defend-freedom lane, switched careers and became a prison warden who will shoot you simply for looking at him. We really are coming up with some pretty strange ideas to allegedly fix a problem while still leaving the person causing the problem in control of the solution. Maybe the aboriginal peoples are right and cameras really do steal our souls, they will certainly steal our right not get deaded 5 seconds after the camera is switched off.

It's one thing to preach 'having cameras everywhere is not a problem if you are doing nothing wrong.' and another thing to live by your own words. There is no slope more slippery than a greased up stripper pole, but then again, that doesn't actually 'slope' does it? Speaking of slippery slopes, somebody thinks virtually 'getting served' sounds like a wonderful idea. I'm glad this isn't happening in my back yar.... Oh, wait, it is. Never mind. How about this: if you want to be the general manager of a hockey team in Canada's most populous city, grow a thicker skin!

Maybe they are right in terms of Canada being behind the times. I mean, the U.S. does this, and Canada does this, which sends out some very mixed signals. Mixed signals are par for the course these days because we are not meant to gain a proper understanding. Those in power are aware that if the majority of us had a proper understanding that they would find themselves not in power anymore. Which is why we're calling being ignored by store clerks 'racial profiling'. True, I am white so they might have stereotyped me as someone with money, or an actual desire to spend it. They are incorrect in both assumptions, and were incorrect in one assumption while I still had a job. Most 'shopping sprees' I've been on, my job was designated purse holder and part time 'no your ass doesn't look fat in those' sayer, because when I am single my only purpose in a mall is skirt watcher, which I don't tend to do so I am simply not found anywhere near there except around 'comercial give everyone you know a gift day'... And it's too cold outside for skirts then.

Maybe people are losing their sense of humour, except for those who obviously had no sense of humour to begin with. Maybe the too much, too soon approach has too many drawing the same conclusions that I am arriving at, and thinking 'this is not funny anymore'. Being surrounded by control-freaks has a tendency to suck the fun out of all things. My last manager was a control-freak and the only thing he ever thought was fun was calling anybody but himself an idiot... I suppose I could try to look up some psychology into how that works. Maybe everybody is simply tired of doing more and earning less so some filthy-rich scumbag can become a filthy-richer bouchebag. FUKUS is right, but even a nymphomaniac has to stop to eat, shower, and maybe touch up their make-up now and again, don't they?

Not that it's all bad news, because sometimes there is the occasional piece of good news thrown into the mix, likely for effect. People have been coming forward at great risk while the media either sweeps them under the rug or throws them under the bus. And by under the bus I mean; in some places, people can be thrown in jail indefinitely without even being told why, thankfully that kind of thing doesn't happen here... Oops, wrong again.

Just once I'd like to find some injustice that we did not find some way to mimic... I am figuring that this is impossible because sovereign rule really is an illusion that's been gutted from the inside and stuffed with sawdust to give the appearance that it is as it always was and ever will be, until it isn't anymore. Did I just stop making sense? No, it still sounds exactly how I meant it to sound having read it back twice... It makes as much, if not more, sense than much of the 'NEWS I'm supposed to be able to trust' does in this demoraLIESed world.


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