Sunday, 23 June 2013

the fear of fear itself

Whoever tells you that there is no conspiracy probably needs to watch this. Sure it's long, and for many who come here, it might not be 'new', it is not really new to me either, but it's worth a watch anyway. I haven't said much about the criminals in office in Canada lately mostly because there is nothing really new to report in this whole Duffy boondoggle, but this article puts an interesting Watergate spin on the whole thing. Not that I think that it will play out like Watergate did because there's too many batshits in the bell tower in these times. Not that the bell tower is of much relevance these days when you've got ghosts like this elsewhere. You might not know him, but he probably knows you.

Of course he's not the only one, because these things are happening in other places too. Coincidence or providence? I don't see coincidence very often anymore. In fact I expect that once something unravels in one country we'll see it unfold in an almost identical manner several other places. I doubt that these programs coming to light are finished yet as I suspect there is still a large portion of Europe still to be exposed.

I'd complain or protest, but we all know which list that puts me on. I'm lying... I'm probably already on a list, the honest reason is that complaining or protesting is fast becoming a worse crime than rape in this country, and I have't bought the supplies I need to mask my face from cameras, without masking my face, yet. Nor do I even know if what I read will actually work, hopefully I'll have something together by next week.

Another thing I've read lately was this, but I'm not so sure they aren't going to take the flooding in Calgary to breathe new life into the whole pirated debate. The people behind all of this don't have any other story, they are playing broken record because they lack the creativity required to alter the plans when they've run aground. They revel in violence porn because they can't get off any other way.

It's our creativity and hope that run their plans aground because their overconfidence could not concede that some might feel the need to snap out of it. The plan expected that everybody would buy into the fear of fear itself (though the level of applause this twit receives disgusts me). There was no expectation that anyone would ever even look for, let alone, see the machinations of the banker/corporate/politico trinity interwoven with the mason/Illuminati/Zionist trifecta and how the whole of it resembles a ball of yarn which simply requires one thread tugged long enough to reveal there was no ball to begin with. We may not get all the names right all the time, but we sure are unearthing a whole lot of names these days. It's this lack of creativity that wears down their patience for their next fix, because just as any addict could tell you, each next fix requires a larger dosage than was required last time

All they have left now is violence, because everything else that could be bought or sold is just about out of stock. Why else do you think they've been so busy making everything illegal over the past decade? The aim was simple, either your a criminal, or your a syndicate member. Luckily for us one of these is very select in who they invite, meaning their numbers do not really grow unless you count their hired goons. I don't because I suspect, even goons don't think money is everything.


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