Friday, 23 February 2018

The dreaded A-Word

Admittedly I have been out of the game for a while. I've not been writing, I've not been reading, I've not be watching. Sure there have been things that have caught my eye here and there, but nothing t that's inspired me to write.

Then along comes this bizarre headline from major news outlets, and i mean, pretty much all of them, refuting claims that David Hogg is a crisis actor... Curious as I am by nature, I search. And I search. And I search some more... I can't find any such claim anywhere, only references to a YouTube video that had been deleted under the site's anti-bullying policy. 


I know a lot of rude and obscene names to call people, and I've used many of them, sometimes, right to people's faces if I feel they've earned it, but I've never had the gall to call someone the A-word... I'm not referring to the common asshole here, I call a lot of people that almost daily. That word rolls of the tongue easier than douchebag. 

No. I'm talking about the word actor. I've only called one person that: this guy I met that was in a bunch of commercials for a local cable provider... But he called himself that first so I thought it was okay. Had I known it was so derogatory at the time I'd have used a less offensive term, like whore. So, I humbly apologize to that guy I met some twelve years ago and whose name I've long since forgotten, I didn't realize at that time, the stigma and PTSD inducing language I was insulting you with.

I mean, it's made worldwide headlines that some bully made a video calling some guy we've never heard of before last week, an actor. The horror! The agony! The trauma. And with fourteen pages of search results of claims that it's simply not true, this must be the new n-word that features so prominently in rap music.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

Colour-changing Chess pieces

While some might think I've gone silent due to death, imprisonment, or hired goons threatening both, the truth is none of these. The reality is that most of my news sources simply stopped publishing anything of value while mainstream media publishes the same headline 6 times a day for a week at a time despite coming from 20 different sources. This is not to say I don't see the writing on the wall, because there's plenty of it, it's simply repeated ad nausium until the drooling day-sleepers accept the programming.

People try to wake from it then somehow think they are a woman trapped in a man's body, or an elf, or some shit... I'm not going to pretend to understand the psychology of it all, because that's really not my expertise.

We keep asking the wrong questions which lead to the wrong answers. Trump won't be solely responsible for bankrupting the USA: the $20 trillion in debt the county already had seems a likely culprit so why point fingers? It's not like justice is truly served by elites anyway. A slap on the wrist and a golden parachute retirement package plus stock-options is all the blind-justice seems to serve them. Just remember, justice it's only blind to that, the rest of it' us get to pay the difference.

I can understand the fact that people don't fully understand the geo-politics map where wars are being fought in the shadows with colour-changing chess pieces in aims of generating support for a more visible war. By the same token, I don't understand why there's so little backlash with the lack of effort in trying to keep it all hidden within the proposed narrative. Maybe they've actually got themselves spread to thin to keep the charade going, maybe a seemingly endless budget isn't enough to patch the holes and plug the leaks. Patience isn't one of greed's stronger virtues, so, maybe, it's all failing in the planning phase.

Who knows.


Sunday, 20 November 2016

Playing The Trump Card and Other Political Mumbo-Jumbo

So Trump won, and the stock market went weird just to confuse people enough to wonder if Harambe might not have been the best choice for president... I'm not questioning why 11 thousand people voted for a dead gorilla as I've met enough people in this life whom I've almost asked how they managed to navigate the birth canal without getting lost... No the real question is how did a dead gorilla get on the list to begin with?

Will things actually change for the better? I suppose that's a wait and see kind of question. I'm not leaning in either direction at this point, though I suppose it's somewhat telling that I can find no cynicism to insert here, as that is far more of a positive than is usually seen here... Maybe that will change as it all sets in, and maybe the positive will be nullified by foreign policy makers, and foreign banks.

Fuck banks! A lot!

I'm fact, fuck corporations too... Canada chose not to give money to this company, Quebec, on the other hand, got fucked over hardcore. It's less than 6 months ago, how bad has our memory gotten? Worse still, I had to post a Google archive of the story because I couldn't otherwise find it. Seriously, 20℅ of your global job cuts are in the place that gave a billion dollars less than 6 months ago? There are only 8.2 million people here... Cutting everyone a check for $120 would have been a better investment in the economy.

This is the opposite of what I just said... I cannot think of any company that deserves slaves who's dinner is paid by taxpayers. Can you?

It really is time to let some of these faltering, mismanaged companies and to big to fail dinosaurs become extinct. I know it's all about the intellectual property with the corporations, and all about the defaults to creditors who are likely beyond rich in all cases. I'm thinking the IP can be split to the regional governments in which these companies are closing and can then be licences to whomever wants to manufacture such things. And we could pay the vulture capitalists in government printed interest free dollars.