Sunday, 9 June 2013

Not in my backyard

I'll never understand the argument 'that could never happen here'. It's as though you are willing to debate your own ignorance as some proof of concept scientific experiment that could never go wrong... It's like openly telling someone that you can walk off a cliff and not begin to fall until you look down as if 'coyote & road runner' physics somehow applied to you because you saw it on TV. Pretending something is impossible does not make it impossible regardless of how unlikely or improbable it may sound. It could never happen here, is far more infinite a statement than can be comprehended by the majority of humans and can be torn apart by simple laws of science... "Here" is already farther away than you can fly on a single fully fueled jet by the time you've read this sentence to it's completion, but because you don't feel as though you moved at all, it is very difficult to relate to. Never implies 'here on ever after forever and ever nevermore', "the dodo bird will never repopulate itself via natural processes" Why? Because there are zero dodo birds alive and there would have to be at least 2 within humping distance of each other (and maybe some Barry White music) for nature to do it's thing with that species.

Language is a mindset trap... In fact 'that' could never happen here, could be absolutely correct if you are talking precisely about Hitler's Nazi party being elected to Canadian Parliament... Why? Because Hitler is dead. Even if he wasn't killed at the end of the War, he is most likely dead by now of natural causes. So 'That' won't happen here... Something resembling that could happen wherever here happens to be in the universe at some time in the future, unless it is already happening (starting way back there, and still ramping up as we've made it to here, or here, or... here, wherever here happened to be as it whipped by me at an unfelt yet somewhat dizzying 107278.87 km/h) and some of us simply don't feel the squeeze of a noose tightening around our necks yet.

But the most intersting things that can't happen here, are the ones nobody realized have already happened here:

Wake the fuck up


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