Friday, 7 June 2013

Democracy: see Corruption

Strange and backwards. In my last post I made mention of Alex Jones saying things he usually doesn't say, and now somebody is trying to paint Ryan Dawson as a crisis actor... Not very convincingly, mind you, and they didn't even try to Photoshop it... Nope just some dude with a similar haircut. I guess the Hollywood effects people were laid off, because even the fake bin laden photos were at least a little touched up...

Apparently, the job market made some huge gains in Canada, except that half of these jobs were in construction, which, starts up in May in this country. Manufacturing jobs actually fell again, so I can only presume that there are a whole lot of new people asking if you want fries with that. The numbers don't look that good from where I sit, so I am not holding my breath waiting on call-backs. I'm also not holding my breath on Microsoft regaining it's reputation any time soon. They keep claiming that this is because of a convergence of things and citing the popularity of IOS and Android, yet fail to realize that MacOS and ChromeOS (while sharing code with IOS and Android), do not look and operate exactly the way their smartphone/tablet cousins do... So why should Windows, and Windows Phone try to clone each other when the competition does not? I have long thought that it is time for Windows to do what Apple did when OSX came out: ditch all the old code and start fresh, then build a compatibility layer to allow all the old software to function... And no, XP-Mode does not work out well on a corporate network, so don't use that as an example.

It isn't going to happen, of course, because nobody actually listens to the public anymore. At least not until something like this happens and they are left with little choice in the matter. Not that this would have been likely to catch that lazy, thieving, weasel; Mike Duffy... I mean how distracted do you have to be to bust a chocolate conspiracy yet somehow fail to catch the fact that every gas pump changes to the same exact price within 6 hours? It becomes much clearer after you consider that at least half of the price of gas at the pump is taxes, so they do not chase this collusion to price fix. Sooner or later it's going to be printed in the dictionary: Democracy: See Corruption.

I think it's time that everybody paid their share as opposed to charging others, then then trying to dodge their own fees. They could try to feign ignorance of the law, but, when you consider how many 'steins and 'bergs there are in the legal profession, that excuse wears thin pretty quickly. Maybe I am alone in realizing such things, but I don't think you really need to be smarter than the average bear to deduce that they are simply being cheap pricks.

It seems likely that we will never know certain things beyond any question of a doubt. But I am certain of one thing: both police and criminals alike need to stop relying on piss-poor GPS directions in their murder sprees. Oh, and, kids: don't try this at home. Also, never bring a broom handle to a gunfight. We do need to figure out what we need to bring to a drone fight though, because apparently drone operators don't know who they've drone fought with.

Say what you want to about the big brother state, just as long as you disagree with statements like: "they're watching us", you should be safe, until you aren't safe anymore. Sure it all sounds impossible to store so much data, but is it really? I'm just not sure how they plan to keep things like this running when they've been so busy making everybody to stupid to think.


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