Thursday, 18 July 2013

the cesspit of ironic disparity

Is it any wonder that I feel the system is so beyond repair, when, the 'arrested for fraud and conspiracy' ex-mayor of Montreal, steps down (either from a prison cell or while vacationing abroad because he's apparently no flight risk, except that vacationing abroad involves 'flight'), still manages to get a severance pay of over a quarter million dollars?!!! Worse still, HE WASN'T EVEN MAYOR FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!!! I think the next phase in this man's life is probably a fine (of not more than $100 000, leaving him $167k in severance to eat franks -n- beans on), and a short stint in prison (likely time served which was probably just shy of a couple of hours). All of this will most probably be followed up with a full partnership in some law firm (like Satan, Lucifer et associƩs) followed by an honorable mention on the Nobel peace prize nominees list for next year... What a fine specimen of humanity, perhaps he should be dissected (while hopped up on sniffing salts and other adrenals so he may enjoy the experience as long as inhumanely possible) to see what causes such nobility...


One thing is astoundingly certain in these times: the worse things become, the worse things will become... There is no bottom to the cesspit of ironic disparity which provides us with endless examples how we are not they, and they shall never become we... The scales are too tipped out of our favour to use the systems in place to bring justice unto this plague of decaying corpse eaters. As an example: an American company blows up a train in the middle of a small town, devastating the town's center and taking out about 2 to 5% of it's population in one night (numbers are not finalized yet, so I am throwing a number out there), and "we" (as in a fictitious group of people that does not include me) are willing to praise this solution where Canadian companies fix their shit, likely at a cost to their own competitiveness against the aforementioned American companies (whom, as mentioned in the link above, just moved to more cost-cutting, rather than safety improvements)... What? OK, so we're saying that 'if CN or CP handled this instead of MM&A, then there'd be no problems' but it was neither CN nor CP's fault to begin with... What just happened there? I'm feeling a bit dizzy and lightheaded suddenly, like when somebody is trying to rewire my brain for me without my express permission...

What I mean to say is, if we have some law against 'corrupting morals' which appears to be the case, why does it seemingly only apply to 'comics' and not the assclowns staging the comedic tragedy of travesty of life we've come to see on a day to day basis? We get all kinds of odd shit happening, like "don't panic, there's nothing to fear, except that WE aren't really sure of that ourselves, yet", and the rate of these truly unusual stories has been accelerating.

No, we aren't looking for solutions to fix a broken system, because instead we are replacing ourselves or looking for ways to make it simpler to piss in your own mouth. And I really wish I had made that last statement up because I am suddenly having the 'mouth sweats' often preceding an episode of vomiting through one's own nose... [breathe, it'll pass... Take a break, read the funny kitten video feeds for a minute]

No, this does not help [barf]

At least somebody else out there appears to be paying attention to what's been going on, but this still goes to further the point of just how insanely backwards things have become... The stalwart last line of defense are 'the commies' which McCarthyism witch-hunted against not even that long ago (unless you see the glass as half full of air and half full of water, in which case McCarthyism never actually ceased to exist)... Irony is everywhere, even here in this blog where I ironically laugh at those who are laughing at some particular irony... It's really the only defense I have left in a 'turn the mirror on medusa (or mediusa?), hoping it turns mediusa into a zombie' kind of way.

It requires a very large sense of humour to continuously and deliberately subject oneself to the preachings of douchebags and not become permanently scarred in a world so morally inept as this one has become. It's unfortunate that in the end I am laughing at the very people I am attempting to inform as I figure that much of my audience here, already knows that the military exists to protect the interests of the super wealthy, and not "freedom", or even "U.S. interests" as the name has been 'politically-fucking-corrected' to in the past Obama or two.


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