Friday, 26 July 2013

ha ha charade you are.

I understand that there is a cyclical nature to being human which is why there are periods of time which come about where one comes to being somewhat blaisé towards everything. It isn't that I am suddenly affected by the same old distraction techniques, nor that I suddenly stop asking "what the hell is wrong with people?". Often in times like this I will turn to music, and not your "whatever shit is on the radio or MTV" variety of ♪ooooh baby baby♪.

While my primary music genre of choice is Heavy Metal, I've always had a certain affinity for Pink Floyd. Maybe I've simply always read through the symbolisms of the writings of Roger Waters and always understood the irony that both 'Have a cigar' and 'Welcome to the machine' were recorded right after the first big hit they released known as 'Dark side of the moon' despite being their 7th studio album (though, there was also "Zabriskie Point Session" which wikipedia seems not to know about, but I would not call it their most interesting work). I love that the music industry whores portrayed, ask: "which one's Pink?". No, they never took the easy road, yet somehow, they got there.

Despite all that blaisé same old/same old I can still scan past all the pointless bickering over stupidities to find the gem:

Nearly 1.4 million Canadians don't have a job — and there are more than 220,000 vacant positions, according to the most recent Statistics Canada figures. That means that, in theory, there are six unemployed people for each job.

Or the true buzzwords: "labour mobility", which is, of course, the big problem the globalists want us to consider... Unless it's all a mere distraction from all the bureaucratic red tape nightmares I happen across outside of my regularly scheduled broadcasts. It's funny how bass-ackwards things get sometimes, I mean, on the one side you have the ecco-terrorist carbon tax people, AND locally, you have the asphalt mafia, so, which side of the equation wins? Sure invest more money in the roads, that helped so much the last time...

Mmmmm. Banker-double
sleaze bilderberger™ with
a side of chile sleaze lies™

Fuck my life... It's a lose/lose situation anyway, but given that I don't own a car, nor have I paid for the privilege to be allowed to drive (possibly because I seemingly missed out on this by a few decimal places... Or maybe the 'K' is silent in my case, given my obviously Eastern European last name -- kid© [the '©' is silent, by the way]), it's at least obvious which side of the equation I sit on. I sit on the side of the equation that doesn't understand the math involved here... I mean, sure I enjoy a good hockey game, but there must be better ways to spend $450 million post bankruptcy dollars, unless I forgot to carry a '1' somewhere... I always understood math, and often without a whole lot of tutelage, and even my name contains math: "dirty" rotten filthy scamming lying cheating accountants, economists, and bankers... Or was I actually named after ♪Money♪? I forget at this point, possibly because I was still trying to get over that whole ordeal of being forcefully evicted from the womb that day.

Ever on and regardless of how obvious the facts may have been, or even after the facts are actually released into the mainstream, it would appear that I simply have not learned yet, how to commit the right crimes... Because I've seemingly had to pay for my lack of criminal behaviour(most likely we de-criminalized fraud occurring within a bank in 1991, but I could be wrong), rather than get a slap on the wrist for being a lord of monsters.

Don't worry, I know that this is all just a bait and switch act, where we are supposed to become so outraged that the waiter brought us a dessert fork instead of a salad fork, that our anger meter has run out before act 2 of the date: a Rohypnol induced 16 hour, anal gape, rape. But again, I think Roger Waters already said it best:

Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity unto the dream.


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