Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Hellfires and flooding

I realize yesterday's post was lacking in the requisite anger and cynicism, so I've spent part of my day reading some of the collective works of duh, no shit, and wow really? to see if I can't find my momentum. I feel almost lodged somewhere between a pillar of hellfire, and maybe it's time to build an ark... It's a weird place to be between such diametrically opposed elements as fire and water... Maybe I simply need to think of air and fly away.

I was also reading a great article that points to the fact that Canada needs to break out it's secret weapon and fight the doomed trend of the money born of thin air. Sure we'd be labeled international terrorists, but, if there is any remnant of that once untarnished image of friendly peacekeepers, that should be enough to work with. Because, who really wants to pick a fight with that image over paying off loans to a bank owned by others while electing to borrow from a bank that is owned by the state? (except, maybe, the banks) ...I know this is far from a complete plan, but I can't very well give up all my secrets freely, at least not in places where the wrong people are likely watching...

Crazy talk, I know... I'm just crazy enough that I'd do it, if I thought anybody would mark an 'X' on the ballot next to somebody named dirtykid©, but that guy would never make it passed the banks vetting process... He has the odd tendency to not bold faced lie... Pity. It isn't like I would be any worse at things than some of the idiots running things now...

This is, of course, why the system actually has to implode itself before it can be righted. It is too bogged down with corruption and greed for an infiltrator to not be immediately spotted. Money seems to smell itself, and once it doesn't smell itself it begins acting strangely.


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