Sunday, 21 July 2013

the walmartization of debt slavery

The war on whistleblowers has crossed the border into Canada, though I fail to see 'national security' being cited in this case. Maybe I simply have not put on my creative thinking cap yet, owing to the fact that I am presently waiting on the coffee maker... Oh, wait, I have it... They need to save a half million (per fraud auditor) to fix the sea kings, even though EI is not 'claimed' to be part of the general tax pool, and because the Sea Kings are part of the Coast Guard: National Security threat... and the Coffee is brewed, maybe I can math now.... IE has a maximum duration of 45 weeks and a maximum payout of $501 per week meaning someone reaching both maximums will have earned $22 545 from EI, so each 'fraud investigator' needs to kick a minimum of 21 people off per year, though not everybody gets the maximum (for example the government has been kind enough to provide examples, and I don't know how Sarah does it... single mom with 3 kids on 29k a year?!!), so I would put the number closer to 30.

Now I am not suggesting that there are no people who try to fraud and cheat the system, but putting quotas into the mix means there's a pressure to find fraud where it didn't exist... I was denied my claim despite having paid into this system for 5 years, so I am not even in this potential 30 people, and I don't figure that I am the only person in my predicament.

I know there's a method to this madness. It's the Walmartization of our society. Jobs of any worth are travelling to countries where the labour laws are less restrictive or completely non existent, leaving us the jobs of stocking shelves and ringing up cheaply made crap designed to bust 10 minutes after the warranty expires, so we can rush out and buy more cheaply made crap. One might try to call it the endless cycle of consumerism, except that it cannot be endless. One can only manufacture a product at lower and lower cost until hitting bottom, then the 'cost savings' has to be pushed into the retail and distribution centers. Then, those working the distribution and retail will come to find that they cannot afford to buy cheaply manufactured crap because most of their budget goes to living expenses, until they can't afford that either:

And then where are you?

Economists, bankers, and profit takers seem to think that they can end-run around the simple reality that nothing in life or nature is infinite. They've somehow forgotten that you have to spend money to make money. Even the mighty are feeling the crunch, regardless of how much of this was due to poorly thought out software design the fact remains that one of the largest and richest companies ever to exist lost $34 billion in value in a single day.

It should not come as any shock that we'll find new levels of sadistic and inhuman behaviours happening all over the place. The vast majority of people don't even realize just how bad things are getting because they are constantly bombarded with gamed statistics telling them that things aren't that bad, or bizarre logic which is cited to mean something, but doesn't really mean anything at all. Like it's really difficult for the wealthy few to price-fix anything? We could wait for the government to fix things, but we've made it to a point where they no longer even understand what they are implying, implementing, or (laughingly) improving.

Of, course, this does not protect the children, which is a favourite buzzword of theirs, but they actually don't even know that, or are being paid by some lobby group not to figure it out, in much the same way as they are paid by other lobby groups to not figure other things out.

The only way to fix the multinational tax cheats is by either getting ALL countries on the globe involved *not 20*, or by telling these companies to fuck off and go do business elsewhere... Obviously they'd want to do business in the 20 richest and most developed nations (if the G20 really is what it implies itself to be, which, needless to say, I have my doubts about). Of course option 2 would not work anyway, because the banks are still operating under their own set of profit taking rules, and they would simply do their best (meaning better than they already are doing) to squash the G20 into a debt-slaved hell hole....

So I guess, in the end, there is no solution but to watch the system implode into an unworkable chain reaction of bankruptcies, since every nation (save for a few) is completely indentured to a combination of banks and other foreign nations (who are themselves indentured to banks and still other foreign nations). The ponzi scheme is terminal, and only ends when everything is bankrupt, or usury is either illegal, or nationalized. This choice is ours...


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  1. good summation on the dynamics of change...

    a footnote -

    there are close to 7 billion NONJEWS on Earth.