Sunday, 7 July 2013

The breakneck speed of stupid

There are so many curiosities which seemingly have no true answer. Can I not land a job in IT because I am over 30? Or is it a simple factor that there aren't any real jobs out there? Some numbers suggest that it's most likely the latter, but I am willing to bet the former compounds the issue thus making me doubly unemployable. I suppose it could be argued that I might be slower than I was when I was younger, but I don't think this was part of the official speed tests:

This was already gone 4 minutes after it was posted on WRH... Wow!

While it could be argued that wisdom is a much greater tool (I have no idea what the video included with this story has to do with anything, ignore it or stop it, it's little more than a distraction) than speed, as speed does not leave itself much time to think, hence a greater chance that the job needs to be repeated, I don't think the bean counters see it the same way. But then wasn't it the bean counters who set us on this course to begin with? More work for less pay, more profit with less expense, and no gold watch for you (any of you). Sounds like the equation of a bean counter to me. They don't appear to care much that the equation leads to shortcuts or that the end product might kill people, because there's a bean counter sheet on 'acceptable risk' where human lives are outweighed by profit at some sliding scale.

Somehow these things lead to some very unusual places which makes me wonder if this cold calculation has gone completely awry. I mean, did they really see this coming? I doubt it. Because who would have thunk that nature might actually take care of it's own, banking and corporate profiteering does not mimic nature, and I would suggest that they don't even understand nature despite that in it's most simplistic explanation, nature tends to produce a sine wave (more or less), and not an exponential. The only reason everybody doesn't see it the same way, is the 'new normal' paradigm which looks more like a sawtooth exponential (as does a digitized sound sample) leaving us some time to adapt to our present plateau.

I have begun to think that stupid travels faster than light, otherwise, how else could it be re-writing history at such an alarming pace? Time travel has to come into play somewhere to turn the actions of a 'convicted?' war criminal (for crimes against humanity) into actions that somehow bettered the human condition. Did he make the world a safer place? I am pretty certain he didn't make Afghanistan, Iraq, or even the U.S. safer, unless you would define safety as regularly being molested by armed goons, then sure, it's safer, unless you own a dog, or have a differing opinion, a willingness not to be molested, or happen to be a brown-ish coloured person (or even if you aren't all that brown-ish). You could petition for whatever you like these days, but if you've been paying any attention at all, you'd know that leads nowhere, except for maybe the no-fly list (AKA: nowhere fast).

But then, after the last encounter I had with a television, where "Honey Boo Boo" makes/eats "s'ghetti": pasta with butter and ketchup, why am I even surprised that nobody is seeing what the hell is happening around them?


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