Monday, 29 July 2013

judging the book by it's author and other bought/sold opinions

When they say "you can't judge a book by it's cover", is that because you are supposed to judge a book by it's author? If that is the case then I think I have a book to buy since Reza Aslan stands up pretty well in this character assassination attempt that FOXNEWS passes off as an interview. That must be the antithesis of censorship: they hate this guy, so maybe the book has some unique perspective that nobody is supposed to read about, unless that is the sales pitch... Because, you know, when they hold a book-burning somebody has to buy up all the books in order that they be burned, don't they? Yes, that's precisely what a book-burning does, which is the exact opposite of how the internet works.

The internet simply needs a single complaint that: I've gone and used somebody else's copyrighted pattern of words strung together in a precise sequence, and: BAM! There I was, gone. In fact, I'd have to go back and read the 'blogger terms of service' to confirm, but, I might not even be allowed to quote the exact sequence of words I typed the last time I was here. I'm small potato(e)s with my readers numbering about a hundred per day, which means it doesn't happen. That's probably because if it did happen they'd have martyred a relative nobody into a controversy, and we know how well controversy tends to travel the earth, otherwise, Madonna would likely have slipped off the face of the earth as the 'lucky star' one-hit-wonder. Though most would agree that this would have had a positive effect on the world that transpired since then, and certainly would have amounted to much less publicity for the Kabbalah cult of expensive water and red wrist threads in tribute the their lord our Satan, but one could always argue that there was intent and planning involved and the chicken or egg debate rages on. ♫'Star light, star bright,' first star I see this afternoon♫ (you know, to avoid copyright, despite being some nursery rhyme, or kids poem not written by Madonna, or because I only ever see one star in the afternoon, you decide)...

I'm still amazed and bewildered that there is still a droning populous seemingly unaffected by the world that's going on outside their narrow path between work, the beer store, and home, almost as if thinking 'I have nothing to hide' would prevent stuff like this from occurring. They weren't hiding anything either, they simply didn't feel like having company, or becoming a bed and breakfast to an 'investigation into domestic abuse'... Talk about domestic abuse...

But, then again, maybe I should not be so surprised since I have read the HEADLINE "Pope Francis says he won't judge gays" about 25 times this morning... If that's not bad enough, I almost opened the damned article this last time, which is about one step shy of singing the praises of being ♫an Anthony "the mayor's" Weiner♫ from a padded cell (in realization that some people just never go away)... No! I won't post links to those, and fuck off! Not that I would have minded being the 'investigator' who made off with $45K to investigate something that never actually happened, because that sounds like a pretty sweet job, in a world where people who actually investigate something real get fired. And before I leave the topic of 'investigators' I will put this here...

I am happy to report that I have finally found a language police story that has nothing to do with Quebec (or as we call it here: le Kaybec), unfortunately, it still points to French people for some odd reason. I believe I've said it in my out-loud voice before: any language so complicated that it requires a "language police" should rightly find it's extinction post haste so we can spend policing monies on solving actual crimes... But then, nobody ever uses my free advice, because somebody out there coined the phrase "you get what you pay for" so now only self-accredited experts have cornered the market to the point that a bought opinion was supposed to mean more than one that had no price tag and did not require standing in the 12 opinions or less express line hoping that 13th item would never rear it's ugly head... Damn, there I go giving it away for free again.

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