Friday, 31 May 2013

Mermaids and God's Milk

There are days when I ask myself why I bother to write anything at all. It's true that I look around and see corruption, greed, and moral decay. It's also true that this is not where or how I want to live, but I don't think that I alone can fix things so I publish my thoughts and the things I've read which may contain much of the same sentiment, or a more detailed and researched concept.

Then I read things like this and wonder if maybe people are too stupid to be educated or enlightened, especially given the kind of educational programming they seek out.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm not giving up hope, because I know many people who would agree with me on how absurd and outrageous those two examples are, but they certainly don't make my goals seem like easy ones. Unless there really is going to be a number of people who are meant to be canon fodder.... No. I can't accept that because I believe humanity is inherently curious and that, people, as individual units, would rather believe in destiny than fate. Wouldn't they?

I still prefer to think that my present dismal state of existence is a temporary state of affairs and that I'm destined for greater things (or, at the very least, more than the nothing I presently own). I suppose if I didn't believe that I'd be prone to end it all which is not like me in the slightest, and so a new day dawns and I point out how we got to here from where ever we should have been instead. I'm not suggesting that getting to wherever we should have been is an easy road to follow, in fact, I wouldn't even suggest that there is a road that leads us even halfway in the proper direction... It's one of the few axioms that holds true regardless of who has used it as propaganda to whatever end: 'Freedom can not be given, it has to be taken'. And at the moment it appears that freedom has to be taken from those who feel free to do things like this.

So long as we don't take back our freedoms, *they* will continue to stack the deck in favour of corporations, because that is what's been happening throughout much of the last century. It doesn't seem to matter much how large our disbelief grows when the end results are always the same. Tell me it isn't rampant paranoia that's driving the train down an unlit tunnel and I'll call you a liar.


Don't worry what I think of you. I'm just some anonymous blogger reflecting my outrage back toward it's source which means I probably don't think of you at all... At this point you are simply an anonymous reader who I may or may not know because you've not yet left a single comment, retort, debate, argument, or insult. Instead, worry what you think of yourself... If you take to heart my calling you a liar that is because you believed me when I said it which is quite the paradox, isn't it? If you have failed to see the paradox of your own disbelief in yourself, how would you ever be expected to see the paradoxes that others try so hard to hide?

Like, for example, there is much talk of 'Sarin Gas' some point fingers here, some point fingers there, and still there's more finger pointing, while others likely know where it came from and who they intend to use it on next. Note the circular pattern akin to the timeless 'he who smelt it, dealt it'. I am not suggesting that I am right, I am suggesting that there are very clear patterns where 'he who cried wolf-ons of mass destruction' is concerned. Look it up for yourself, I am not your librarian.

Nothing gets fixed so long as there are profits to be made. Things continue to go wrong as long as people play both sides of a 'for us & against us' mind game. They know they can continue to get away with these things so long they realize that we're all busy squirting our "God's Milk" over fictitious "Mermaid Tits".


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