Wednesday, 1 May 2013

mayday, snafu mayday

Well, it's mayday... Not that this means a whole heck of a lot. My life is it's usual snafu, with the added benefits of owing governments money, despite their refusal to grant me the services I paid for. I'd call it even and not bother hunting them down, but it's doubtful they'd ever stop hunting for me. I suspect something else is about to happen to me personally but haven't determined whether it's a health or a domestic issue...

There's always another shoe, so I doubt that the recent flurry of interest from headhunters goes anywhere but down dead ends, and then things go dark.

It isn't really where I aspire to be, but, then again, neither is this backwards place where we are herded like cattle "into the valley of steel". It's funny how relevant Roger Waters still is, and even more funny he wasn't declared an 'enemy of the throne' in those later Pink Floyd years...

I wish I had a better outlook on things, but I have really been lacking in inspiration lately. It isn't like the news out there has been much better than my reentry into the rat race. I read somewhere mysatan now owns Blackwater XE, or was I dreaming? Maybe it's that lack of inspiration, but I can't seem to put these two things together in any way that isn't scary as all fuck. I can understand the want to own a gun, but this is akin to having a flamethrower to ward off home invasions... Eventually 'a bigger hammer' is too heavy to wield, and I suspect that's what's going on here.

Is the USA so bankrupt they really need to charge an entry fee at the border? Or are they really partial to entering the country illegally? Just one more thing to add to the cost of 'consumer goods' I guess. I can't afford to be a consumer anyway so I guess it shouldn't bug me too much, but it's something else to fuel the flames. Besides, wouldn't they make much more by charging an exit fee?

There was a small victory in the local language war, which will have no effect on the attempt to outlaw speaking English, because this is obviously the most important issue among elected officials in this wannabe country which still isn't after we've already said no twice. I wonder if this defense works in a rape trial "no means, try again, and again rephrasing the question every time just to try and confuse a not 'no' answer in Quebec"... I'd have to stoop way too low to test this theory, so I'm not going to, but it just tells you where I've grown up. And where is this 'massive oil wealth' in Quebec hidden? I don't usually hear oil wells and Quebec in the same sentence, so what are we making up now?

I've lost my train of thought.

Ah yes, Boston vs Texas... "Why is the IED marathon all over the news while the fertilizer plant explosion gets so little press?" I've been asked this, and it's a simple answer: 1 brings the military-industrial-security complex increased budgets and furthers the 'less freedom for more safety' goal... The other highlights the negligence of corporate hierarchies... You see, safety in a fertilizer factory, isn't really an infringement on freedom, but rather, something which might allow employees the freedom of living to see tomorrow... Obviously nobody should be informed that there is a 'safety' that didn't cost 'freedom', of course, they are also failing to indicate if the increased safety that costs freedom simply means no more hiring goons in army fatigues with backpacks adorned in 'the craft's punisher-like logo. Oh, and terrorism, in case it wasn't mentioned anywhere

I also had this weird dream that CISPA was passed somewhere... It was likely sold as a security measure that would prevent IED marathon copycats because that method was patented by the craft. Strange... I haven't read that, and I really thought I was making up an anecdote, but it doesn't even sound all that 'out there' now that I've said it... Does it?

I'd research it, but I'm stretched pretty thin lately with the: trying to zone into the land of fake-believe and stay there long enough to trick someone into thinking I want to be their wage slave. Sure the rat race sucks, but trying to convince yourself it doesn't sucks more. And I haven't figured out, yet, how to avoid it outright.


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