Wednesday, 29 May 2013

photocopying a replica of a forgery of an original counterfeit authenticated as a genuine fake

I've made no large secret of the fact that I do not much believe in 'prayer' as advocated and prescribed by so many a commandeered religion, but that does not mean that my non-prayers are unanswered. Occasionally, I do get what I've asked for, or a reasonable facsimile so long as I'm not being unreasonably selfish. While I take some comfort in these small victories, I do not allow them to lull me into any sense of security because I know 'Security' is a counterfeit word trying to emulate an emotion which never truly was. Some of these victories, are really only an admission of what everybody already knew, which is not actually a victory at all, since, they serve to draw everybody back into the system in the thought that 'sometimes the system actually works'. Circular logic, I know, but one does not have to stare into history very far or long to see it's circular patterns emerge.

Of course, sometimes, things are simply put up as road blocks meant to trap you in the wrong place for a while, and others are outright distractions put out there by those who choose to see monsters everywhere. It's true that I think most things public servants do are against public interests, but, I have yet to see such a generalized statement as being incorrect. I am not going to call myself a psychic for being able to read between the lies, though I might be an 'empath' for seeing the lies in the first place. Then again, it could be much more simplistic math at play that 75% of everything 'official' is a lie, so I will make no claim on divinity.

The other obvious things which took very little genius to deduce are that austerity is a bad idea that might kick the can a bit further down the road. Consider this: if the government is spending $0.85 to every $1 that is spent in the economy, where does that 85 cents go? Military, Military contractors, civil servants, blue collar workers, the poor, infrastructure, corporate bribes, tax incentives (more corporate bribes, that are on the books), education and re-education programs, medicare (where applicable), law enforcement, ombudsmen and mediators, interest payments, and a whole lot of other things. That money in turn gets spent in the economy to house feed and clothe people.

So when they say they will cut that in half, they can't cut 'interest payments' because that causes a loss of faith in the fiat money system, they can't cut military because terrorists, they can't cut 'civil servants' because that includes their own lavish lifestyles, they can't cut corporate bribes because those aren't supposed to exist, they can't cut law enforcement because 'terrorists', they can't cut tax incentives because rich people don't want to spend their own money (or they will, but raise the off-balance-sheet bribes by the same amount)... So the poor, infrastructure, blue collar services, education & re-education, and medicare will take the hit and affect the people who need the support of the system the most... But this cascades into every other area because the poor are no longer paying their rent, the blue collars have less money to spend, infrastructure will cost more to fix after it has completely disintegrated, and if nobody has access to learn new skills and we are left having to import people who have the skills we aren't allowed to learn.

There is a simple matter of math as well... When you change the equation of x+x*.85=y to x+x*.425=y where x = 1 the value of y looses 33%. So, logically, this will mean the economy shrinks by 33%... And when the economy shrinks by 33% would that not mean that 'tax revenue' would somehow find a way to also shrink by 33%? So the next thing they think to do is cut spending again, or raise taxes, which still shrinks the disposable income of people who cannot afford to find the tax loopholes. Granted, it's at a ratio of 50%:33% which is what keeps them hopeful that eventually everything will work out...

The trouble is that hungry and homeless people who have been dehumanized into a statistic and looked down upon as ne'er-do-wells by those who have not yet suffered that same fate eventually believe that they are ne'er-do-wells and will get to whatever ne'er-do-wells are supposed to do to survive. Suddenly increased spending is required in the law enforcement and military budgets so those who are still able to turn their nose up at the newly marginalized and criminalized poor can feel 'safe and secure', and sleep at night knowing that their taxes were well spent to fix a problem that their taxers created in the first place.

Eventually this vortex of (which really becomes [do: y=y-y*.33, while: y>0] which means y = 0.00000000000024929130 after 75 'fiscal budgets' of doing the exact same thing and is still greater than zero) sucks everything into it except those who could most afford to weather it... Until finally, there is nobody left, but the filthily wealthy, who can buy goods and services that do not exist because all those in the menial jobs are in jail for stealing bread that they couldn't afford. I guess all those menial jobs are now done by inmates who are given bread and water, an orange jumpsuit, and a roof over their cell... How did I fail basic economics in high school? I suppose I might have seen something wrong with the equation back then.

The reality is, somebody, (and I mean *EVERYBODY* when I say somebody) has to make the declaration that they are not going to pay any more 'interest' since, interest compounded is the only other thing I can think of which makes such a ridiculous equation... Which is [y=y+y*i/12-MinimumPayment] where MinimumPayment = y*i/12+10... To use this example and suggest you owed $5000 on a 20% interest credit card and made the minimum payments without adding annual fees (which should not exist in my opinion), or spending more on that credit card. 60 months (aka 5 years) later you would still owe $4433.22 and have payed $5209.73... Why should anybody, who did not have $5000 dollars be paying $5209 for the privilege of reducing their servitude to a bank by less than $600 in half a decade (or from a percentage perspective, Why should anybody be allowed to make 104% of what was borrowed while claiming you still owe 88.6% of what was borrowed)? Following this even further down the toilet flush of near infinte suckage until it's conclusion of "not owing any more money", it ends at month 513 (or 42 years later, Um wait, isn't 42 the meaning of life, the universe, everything? Wierd...), at which time the $5000 that was borrowed, has been payed back 516% at a total cost of $26473.20!!! Then these same assholes do things like this. And don't give me the lame excuse that somebody who has the money to lend should be able to charge the borrower, because, in principle, I don't entirely disagree with that idea... The excuse is lame because they don't have the money to lend, they just don't want you to know that don't have the money. Therefore, I do disagree with the entire system. Banks do whatever banks want to do with little to no conscience until they are caught doing bad things, and then we are stupid enough to politely ask them to stop. Politicians fall into line because banks make outlandish claims that the entire universe will implode because they control the so-called 'money supply' which is essentially done via legalized forgery, which is, coincidentally, used to fund, slush-fund, and palm grease politicians into cooperating with the counterfeiters. WAKE THE FUCK UP!


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