Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The omnipotent and ever-watchful eyes of "iGod­ the Scornful®"

It would appear that Boston worked exactly as intended. I am not sure if Abby Martin or RT have filtered their on-the-street interviews to include only those who might be the drooling fist waving mouth-breathers who routinely chant "USA! USA!" whenever it's announced that they've chosen to invade yet another country whether overtly or covertly, but it is sad that there is not a single alternate point of view from the 'man on the street' saying they felt it was overkill.

Obviously, the plot is to make sure you are all sure to smile for the camera, which is everywhere, and to make sure you always have a fresh vat of coffee at the ready in case you suddenly need to welcome two dozen armed and armored law enforcement personnel into your home looking for whatever or whomever they don't trust you not to be hiding from them. All this and I haven't even gotten to the fact that I doubt the official Tsarnev brothers story to begin with.

Seriously, Abby actually baits them with "9000 militarized officers" and nobody takes the bait! Everyone is all 'more cameras', 'more militarized police', 'more', 'more', 'more'. Nobody dares to question the motivations, nobody dares to think that criminals will be criminals as long as they choose to be. Nobody who stops to think that bombs happened even with all the cameras which already existed, cameras only help after the event has occurred... Not one person who understands that security is an illusion. Whether you lock your doors, or do not lock your doors, if somebody wants to get into your home, they will find a way to do so.

Terrorism IS a subjective word, and criminality varies from one state or province to the next and even from one day to the next. Nobody even stops to wonder what if they choose to outlaw some mundane activity retroactively? Picking your nose in public is now a $50 fine, retroactive to January 2011, and suddenly a chronic nose-picker has a mailbox full of fines because they've got a computer algorithm scanning millions of hours of recordings looking for nose-pickers. I know this example may sound ridiculous now, but remember, spitting in the subway is a $100 fine while vomiting is free.

I feel like I am watching some horribly predictive movie cast full of bad actors where the soundtrack alerts 'we the viewer' that the psycho killer is in the closet, "do not open the closet, just get the hell out of there" we yell while tossing pop-corn or nibs™ at the screen... Which is ALWAYS followed up with some awful and cheap effects of raspberry jam being splattered on the walls because the writers dare not break the 4th wall and acknowledge that even the seat-cushion we are sitting on has more intelligence than the Plasticine character whose raspberry jam is about to become wall-spread. It's time to accept the loss of the price of admission and walk out of the theater before this film makes us any stupider.

We are fast approaching a point of no return where sucking force of the vortex becomes inescapable to all but those with their hand on the toilet handle. The greatest rule of nature is to run with the swarming heard of rats because they have far better survival instincts than humans do, which is why more rats than humans survived the epic fail of the Titanic, and also why less rats than humans attended all three hours of a film in which EVERYBODY knew the ending prior to viewing it.

If this is where evolution has brought us, I want to revert to protoplasm and try again.

Well, there was a 20 minute power failure here which completely derailed my train of thought, So I guess I will end it here, and apologize is there if no sense of completion.


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  1. Point in case: London has, what I would consider to be more CCTV cameras than any other place in the known universe, yet they failed to prevent a beheading in broad daylight:

    It is curious that these men waited 20 minutes for police to arrive, before rushing them in a threatening manner, and getting shot... I have my thoughts on this situation already (staged/fake terrorism), but let's see where the media goes. (My bet is on a ban on large knives being sold to people without background checks and a letter of recommendation from their kindergarten teacher within the 'DMZ of the Corporation of London', but I've been wrong before.)