Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Boil ice cubes, or watch paint dry...

It's hard to swallow anything calling itself science, when that science makes claims that melting ice is causing more ice... I'm debating putting an ice cube on the stove and waiting until the more ice appears, maybe somebody will pay me for such valuable data, like GE or White Westinghouse, or other companies that could manufacture a refrigerator or weapon of mass destruction effectively based on the principle that I unlocked the secret to forming ice cubes in a pot of boiling water.


I could simply carry out the rest of my life having never tried... I think I can live with never knowing beyond a doubt in this instance. Besides, did I really want to become forever labeled as a heretic if I should fail to achieve boiled ice? No, there are much more valuable crusades to destroy myself over. And I don't think I actually need to do anything to end up destroyed, but sit and wait. Say what you will about my not being Amerikan, but fail to ask how many ways Canada follows the Amerika and you are the looser. I'd suggest doing some research, but no lab is required, so instead, try doing a search in the very least... It only takes 10 seconds to type and .35 seconds to find an example or 83 million (though some of these are possibly repeats [wink]).

Just because the term 'information superhighway' lost the war of words to it's shorter cousin 'www' does not mean that information was evicted by silly cat videos. Sometimes that information even arranges itself into unusual patterns:

I'm not suggesting that these 2 stories are related as I haven't read either of them yet, but the pattern itself is interesting, is it not? Even more strangely, the pattern formed because I have read everything else between 7:53 and 10:21AM so this sequence is uniquely my own.

Slowly, people are realizing that the web is a forum we can use to state our case, but we really need to find more relevant topics to be up in arms about. I am far less concerned that companies would paint me as a beer swilling, hockey loving, person with a great sense of humour, than I am about a great many other things that companies do. So what if the Amerikan brewing company owns the trademark to a beer named 'Canadian', be more concerned that Canada owns one less Canadian company than it did before the Molson-Coors merger... In fact, I am not sure how many Canadian companies there are left outside of Canadian Tire, but I suspect the number is nearing zero... I am also concerned that nobody is lashing out at Tim Hortons (aka Wendy's International, despite that this story claims 'Ontario based') for doing exactly the same thing as Molson/Coors since they aren't a Canadian company either. Yes, they prey on our bizarre sense of national pride, and they do it because it apparently works. They'll stop doing it only when it stops working. A Tim Horton's boycott is as easy as making your own damned coffee, and if we wanted to we could stop buying Molson Canadian (Toronto, you are the most guilty place I've seen for actually buying into this 'joke is on you' marketing scam), because it isn't even a 'fantastic' beer.

2 small changes from everyone's daily/weekly routine and the landscape would be completely transformed. I won't deny that there are costs hidden in such a simple equation in the form of jobs and salary losses, but greed alone is often the cause of the very same thing. Besides, if you look around you, and think of the little things that changed, or went away, or the things that you aren't supposed to do anymore, and ask how are we better off than we were?

Did we cause the problem, or did we fail to not cause the problem? More often than not our happy little ignorance bubble categorizes us into the second of those groups even though the meanings of the two are exactly synonymous with each other, they are literal diametrics of each other: A paradox of irony wherein both answers are, in fact, (morally) wrong.


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