Friday, 3 May 2013

Crazy, Lazy, & Free, oh my!

I'd say I am amazed when the news of the day proves something I said about Montreal having become the city of protests, but I'm not really all that impressed with being right when police somehow manage to arrest 447 people at once. I did the math and the city will rake in $284739 in fines for 'unlawful assembly', which, according to a special kind of math that accounts for corruption, should fix 3 potholes with subpar asphalt. Granted that is only an estimate since there is no real math which accurately accounts for what the government actually does with money.

Then add this into the mix to prove the other point I made about police behaving badly during these protests... I hope these numbers relate to the rate at which their programming is breaking down, because it would be nice to see these people return to being human. That is doubtful though as it is quite likely that all this 'post-traumatic-stress-disorder' is being treated with some psychotropic drug of the hour. Of course it's been going on everywhere to pretty much the same results, so I am not going to declare myself psychic or anything, but sometimes things look like they were designed to do exactly what they did.

There's gun control, and there's utter stupidity, but I think it's the latter which needs to be outlawed (and Sarah Palin just needs to go away, anywhere she will not be seen nor heard)... It won't be because the plans of the elite require as much stupid as the population can muster if things are going to work out in their favour. Why else would there be such an alarming tendency to outlaw everything and everyone?

Too many out there praise themselves for being above the law and we keep letting them get away with it... Why?

(A moment of silence in honour of a fallen soldier of metal)

Some people still think I'm nuts when I point out that there is a pattern emerging from all the chaos... Or maybe they just think I'm nuts when I declare that it's hardly coincidence... You see, it isn't that I hold much belief in numerology, but that they do, and that is really all that matters. Though I should start to research numerology as it might tell me exactly when things will be going down. Then again, maybe they think I'm crazy for taking the X-files motto 'trust no one' as my modus operandi. I still don't really care what others think anyway. That fact on it's own may be the proof that I'm crazy. My only retort, is that I'm not crazy, these people are crazy, because crazy is as crazy does. And it isn't as if I were leading followers to drink the kool-aid.

Crazy is thinking there is no conspiracy to censor the media, despite the obvious signs that WE aren't supposed to become our own source of media. Obviously this is because WE are not attempting to keep people in their drooling stupor to maintain the 'Arbeit Macht Frei' slogan in this dying society.

Seriously, try and find work... It's not as easy as it sounds, yet, because the numbers are lying, everybody else is just going to call you lazy, and quote garbage like yoda: "There is no try, there is do, or do not."... The only reason they say this is because they have a job. It's capitalist rhetoric hypnotically spewed out by the firmly indoctrinated, and it does nothing for me but wear down my patience, and make me wonder why I've chosen to have anything to do with these people I am apparently surrounded by. But trying to point out that I have too much knowledge and skill to be hired for 'dumb-guy' work and no forged credentials for 'smart-guy' work only returns the blank stare that makes me wonder if I transformed momentarily into an alien. I partially blame the misuse of the word 'hacker' over the past several decades... This is a hacker, this is a cracker, any questions?

Then I realize that I can't be crazy when some of my most radical and crazy ideas seem to have been gaining ground... In reality, we simply need to outsource the whole plan to India/China/Bangladesh to cut costs because that's what we've done with everything else. Just wait a year or two and some official will declare that it's time to burn down Lake Erie.

Maybe it isn't that I can't be crazy, but I am simply not crazy enough to attempt to steal my money from the same people I'm labelling a thief for not giving me money in the first place. I've analyzed my situation enough to know why I don't have money, I have not turned to extortion and name calling in an effort to obtain money... But then, maybe that's why I don't have any.


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