Thursday, 29 August 2013

the doublespeak dreamworld

I am certain that I have mentioned, in past posts, that the world is a pretty backwards place. I know that this is done to upset the human equilibrium and keep us just off kilter enough to maintain some vague resemblance to a dreamworld in which those generating the dream feast on the confusion and imbalance created while working out the next phase. What other reasoning could there be for a country giving $1.2 million to another nation to promote religious freedom while a section within that generous nation is moving to outlaw religious freedom within it's public institutions, after having already made international headlines for trying to ban the hijab from soccer games (this was overturned only after FIFA stepped in, by the way). This off-kilter confusion is not limited to politicians, nor religion as the schools fuck with the heads of our youth and tell them you can't wear that in a classroom of 30 kids, but you have to wear it in front of a much larger audience for a sporting event at the same school.

This brand of double-speak is all over and you barely even have to look for it anymore. Think about all this recent "OMG! they are using chemical weapons, we must bomb them now" hype that's gone on this week... Suddenly this is a problem, except that it wasn't a problem then, and it isn't a problem there. And I have not even mentioned that I don't think the accusations are being laid against the true culprits to begin with, otherwise there would be little reason for things like this to be going on. I remember how this played out last time... In case you've forgotten, there were Saddam Hussein's WMDs which we were sure were there, but were they? No, and it's a pretty damned funny 'goof' isn't it? War criminals...

I'm not saying whether the glass is half full
or whether it's half empty, because it doesn't
look half anything from this angle

Granted sometimes this confusion was not to bring us to accept yet another border-crossing in the relentless desire to bomb everything, because often it was in the effort to steal from us at an even faster rate... This story actually covers it all higher 'cost' are somehow causing 'higher sales' despite 'rates set to increase', without even doing the math this spells disaster to me. Whether that's this year or in five years after the locked in mortgage rate expires tends not to matter to the banks because they can bide their time while continuing to make money magically appear in the blink of an eye whilst only having to expend the energy of a few quick keystrokes... None of the math involved in these things is difficult unless math is not being taught properly anymore. I would not be surprised if that were true, seeing as science isn't really science anymore either.

There is some good news though, in a few years, after this technology has matured, we won't need to worry about people on psychotropic drugs having some psychotic break and shooting up schools because we can have remote control people do it for us in a much more orderly fashion, so no more temporary insanity pleas, only some crazy story about not being able to stop themselves from doing it, and who in their right mind would think they weren't lying?

I do hope that this work that is happening now will lead to some monument to commemorate one of the least mentioned events in Canadian history... I am not saying whether it was right or wrong, but that the capitol city of Canada was essentially evicted by the people once, and there's nothing to suggest we couldn't do it again if we really needed to.


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