Saturday, 17 August 2013

better the trolls you don't know, than the trolls you do.

I've decided it's time to stop posting links to this blog on facebook altogether as it would appear that some of my 'friends' have moved from supporting me to ridiculing me. I was always aware that this day would come, but was never quite certain when. Oddly enough, the ridicule came about, not after posting any link to this blog, because I haven't done that for about a week, but when I posted a link to this story about the ineffectual Quebec language police, with absolutely zero commentary of my own. Of course this compounds itself with the realization that I've now had my very first dealings with an anonymous troll... Maybe it's the very same 'friend', and maybe it isn't, I am not really curious enough to investigate it, and am not certain I even have the resources required to do such an investigation in the first place since this is not my own private server which provides me full access to the log files. Knowing 'who' would not really change anything anyway, so we'll try to move on.

I probably asked for this to occur with my last posting in a single statement, which I will repeat here for effect: "I'd rather leave this world an outcast and a pariah than to have never stood for anything at all."... Why do my immediate results only occur when the net sum is a negative balance? It's almost as though everything else I said in 7 or 8 paragraphs was completely ignored... And I was trying my hardest to keep the overall feel of that post, positive, and hopeful... Maybe I am simply not meant to deliver messages of hope, unless this is the universe (or trolls) trying to re-enforce a fact that there is no hope. I won't deny that hope is not easy to conjure up from the free fall my personal life has become, and which I don't think has bottomed out yet. I admit that I don't always know how to read the signs, but that is not the same as not seeing them at all.

I am already not, 'statistically speaking', 'a person'... I am not paying taxes, and I am not living off of taxes, I am not unemployed, yet I am not employed. Dozens of headhunters love my resumé, and have told me in interviews that I am 'a shoe in', or, 'an excellent candidate', while dozens more 'hiring companies' have completely ignored the very same resumé, and not bothered to interview me at all. Six months have passed where once or twice a week I have some hot-shot with some impeccable record of getting 'potential employees' matched up with 'potential employers' blowing smoke up my ass about how 'this one is the right fit', who suddenly can't understand why the company isn't responding to my candidacy in any way whatsoever. Can I help it if that weighs on my thoughts as 'a sign' of foreboding inevitability? I am not saying that "I am blacklisted", because I know the job market is a complete farce which adds 1 new job for every 6 unemployed people until that 7th person also becomes unemployed... I even fully understand why this is occurring, and that it was setup to occur this way long before I got pulled into it's vortex.

Forgive me if I attempt to latch onto some form of hope that things can be changed for the better if enough people were to understand the inherent design flaws behind 'debt as a currency', 'racists accusing other people of hate crimes', 'corporations are people', 'media monopolies', '9/11' (although #6 & #17 are "proof positive" of nothing) or any other of the topics I routinely try to expose. Real changes would happen if enough people saw past the charade... They would not happen incrementally either, because there is no foreseeable way for small changes to not be infiltrated and corrupted by the same people who've already infiltrated and corrupted everything else. These aren't things that I can change alone, because, currency is such a universally incorrectly promulgated notion. I am aware that I repeat myself often while never using the exact same reference points or analogies, because I know full well that my efforts are to change entire mindsets among people who are reluctant to delve as far as is needed to stare the horror of the truth directly in the eye. I accept that it is not easy to examine the root of all evil as it is intertwined with the rest of the forest and buried deeper than anything else to be as well camouflaged and shielded as possible.

This is why there are so many adages drilled into our minds from birth... Money doesn't grow on trees; which is literally true even after coming to terms with what currency is in this day and age: money grows out of thin air. Nothing in nature spontaneously becomes itself from nothing, even if that something had started out as a simple reaction between two cells which we don't see with the naked eye, there was not nothing that created end result.

But then time is not money, is it? No we may trade time for money but the 2 are not mutually exchangeable, that would be communism since there is not any one person who is allocated more time in any given day than the rest of us, are there? We might gain 'free time' as a result of borrowing from 'sleep time' and we might work 'overtime' at a cost of 'free time' but in the end it's always a 24-hour day. Thus if time were money we'd all get some nominal value of exactly the same and have to budget that out to fulfill our needs or wants because nobody can 'make time'. Heck, if we could make time, I am sure many would spend half of their paychecks buying back a number of their 40 hours a work-week to consume doing more fun or more relaxing things.

I'm not touching 'put your money where your mouth is' except to say DON'T! It's probably cleaner and safer to put used toilet paper where your mouth is, because that's only been used by one person... [yuck]

So that's my answer to slowly becoming a pariah: ignore it. I know I get repetitive, I know I'm making statements for the benefit of people who are not seeking the answers, I know that there is a very large (and growing) sphere of well financed dis-info agents capturing a larger group of eyes than I do... But I also know that the propagandists are beginning to display signs of fear and desperation that they may be losing their grip. So while I may have no idea what direction I am travelling in, or if I am even on a path at all, I am led to understand that it's the right direction, and it makes little difference if there even is a path. I don't have to write anything about any of it, I choose to.

I'd simply migrate to some unoccupied cave and teach myself to hunt and farm in hopes of living out the rest of my days unmolested by authorities, society, or economies... And, yes, I have been giving this some serious thought lately, I just don't see how to remain unmolested by authorities for "squatting", the other two aren't all that difficult provided I don't find myself in urgent need of health care, which has been rare in this urban climate, but might not be so rare while sharing a domicile with wild animals who think I smell like meat. But then that really wouldn't do anything but remove a single voice from a growing chorus of people who think something is really not right about the world, and for what? So I don't have to be ridiculed? I'm not so vain that my self image requires the undying approval of everybody.

Am I hurting my own cause in being the most vocal member in a group designated for 'discussion or just bitching'? Raw logic would dictate that this is an improbability, but I am not averse to experimenting with the idea by not posting anything to that group at all and seeing what happens.



  1. I actually want to just give you a big hug...

    1. Thank you, I may have needed that more than I realized.


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    1. Bravo... But you fail to explain how dogs manage to find "treats" to snack on in the kitty-litter.


  3. tough shit, kid.

    you asked for it.

    criminal negligence
    1.) behavior in which a person fails to reasonably perceive substantial and unjustifiable risks of dangerous consequences;
    2.) negligence of such a nature and to such a degree that it is punishable as a crime;
    3.) flagrant and reckless disregard for the safety of others, or willful indifference to the safety and welfare of others.

    {Robert started out in Canada...}

    is the history of the Children of Israel in the Bible the same "history" of the so-called modern day "Jews"...?

    REALLY ...?

    the Talmud "Proselytes" from Khazaria are all 12 tribes...?

    so like the "god" of the stool sculpture deity cult compound... is the same as YEAHWAY ???

    REALLY ?

    HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook zts"l
    First Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, revered and famed Torah sage, philosopher, writer, poet, iconic and beloved leader of religious Zionism and the return to Zion (1865-1935).

    "When you wage a war against your enemies, and God will give you victory over them ..."

    (Deut. 21:10)

    War is perhaps the most tragic and horrific aspect of the human condition. Our most fervent wish is for peace. Peace is the final blessing of birkat kohanim. The closing statement of the Talmud also extols the unsurpassed importance of peace: "The Holy One found no vessel more capable of holding blessing for Israel than peace"(Oktzin 3:12).

    So why does Jewish law include such concepts as compulsory and optional wars – milchemet mitzvah and milchemet reshut? Why do we find that the greatest spiritual leaders of the Jewish people – Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, King David, Rabbi Akiva – all led their nation into battle?

    or better yet how {do} "JEWS" lie...,7340,L-4418077,00.html

    how do Khazar "Proselytes" drag Talmudic Judaism back in time several thousand years...being "Jews"....?

    1. Oktzin 3:12: would appear to be a contradiction to many of the other things held in the Talmud. So much of Talmudic verse lists off all the crimes which are not crimes (many which are gratuitously violent or sexually exploitative) when committed against the goyim, that how could a nation of 'chosen' demigods ever hope to thrive while having no nearby goyim on whom to predicate wanton acts of gratuitous violence? One cannot 'thrive' off of criminal behaviour when everyone else in the vicinity condemns that behaviour... Usury in an all Israeli Israel would likely be outlawed, leaving a requirement for Israel to plunder and sponge off of the labour of the rest of the world. Such things are already somewhat apparent even while there is the distraction of Palestinians put forth by the media almost hourly.

      I get to see some portion of how that balance works in a non-violent setting as my home slowly outlaws English, and have come to understand that in order to win the debate, those who appear to be losing it have to up and leave. I know that is not an easy thing to do as we grow attachments to 'our home', and feel we have a right to fight for our own right to exist... But the outcome of not existing in that environment will lead to a much faster degeneration as those attempting to impose their will on the unwilling, as they undoubtedly suddenly feel a lack of resistance and fall flat on their faces in attempts to fill the void they feel in no longer having any expropriated power to lord over the suppressed...

      I don't even think this departure would be permanent, but more like a vacation.... If all the Palestinians left the country on the same day, how long do you think it would take for the sudden vacuum in the self-fed superiority complex to collapse inwards into a self-loathing sense of equality where somebody (or everybody) would suddenly feel they have a right to be more equal than the person next door? I see that "peace" lasting a month tops before the lust for power finds it's next unwilling subjects... Then the ONLY question becomes who is the scapegoat if there is a 0.00% minority to be singled out?

      As is always the case, I could be absolutely wrong. But since there has never been a state that was 100% the same religion, 100% the same language, and 100% the same ethnicity (and I won't even get into which side of the tracks somebody may have been born on, because that one never ends) all at the same time, and since I doubt it would actually happen in the real world (ie: even Christians fought Christians in a secular Protestant VS Catholic Ireland), I don't think this will ever actually be proven or disproven.