Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I'll go over here, while 'egoes over there

Maybe there is hope for some of humanity, just not all of it as the apparent conservative vs. liberal equation (morally, not politically) would appear to be at exactly the opposite of their expected stance on things. I do believe that you are allowed to be gay, if that is what you are, and do not consider such things to be a disease. I also believe that it's everybody's right to want and have a family... I also, however, believe that people have a right to not condone such things if that is truly how they feel, but think the referenced example in the linked video goes overboard on the commentary and preachiness... She is entitled to have an opinion, and should even have the right to voice it, but was there really a need to bring the whole restaurant into the debate? It hardly seems like the appropriate venue for such things.

Maybe I go overboard here myself from time to time, but, this is my venue created for the purpose of expressing my opinions and recording my thoughts, and everybody is welcome to contradict my opinions, or debate the merits, or even attempt to prove me wrong below in the comments section, which I have opted not to filter (yet), nor require that I can read them before anybody else does (yet) because I have not (yet) seen comment spammers or trolls hanging out here... I'm sure that will come about some day. There is no rule here to dictate that anybody else out there has to agree with me, and I make no reservations about myself agreeing with me by next week because I tend to adapt my view on things as more information emerges, unless that 'more information' goes to proving whatever I said last week. I don't know how many times I have said it in the past, but I would like to be proven wrong on a great number of topics given just how ugly my perspective sometimes is, it simply does not happen as often as I might hope.

Silence to the atrocities (as I see them) is something I liken to having committed the atrocity myself, since I made no attempt to call it out, expose it, or challenge it. Silence is what assisted us in getting to where we are. When we fail to speak up for the victim, the victimizers tend to step up to the mic and gloat whether they know how that makes them sound or not.

My girlfriend questions how I can possibly call myself antisocial when I appear to so easily jump into a debate or conversation with a complete stranger over having simply overheard their conversation on some topic I either agree with or disagree with... She misses the simple fact that I do not trust 'people' in a general sense, and that 'trust' happens to be a very important factor in liking people. It isn't that I am uncomfortable, or have any fear of being disliked by random people I might never encounter again. I hold no fear of contempt, disdain, or ridicule from others if I honestly believe in my own words, so naturally, when ones own words do not carry any fear value behind them having been said, they become one of the most affordable commodities one can own. I'd rather leave this world an outcast and a pariah than to have never stood for anything at all.

I won't sugar-coat things so as not to bruise fragile egos because the ego is not actually very helpful to us. Ego is the false perception we hold of ourselves which is why we are angered when someone on the outside sees right through it to expose our own lying self-image to ourself. Ego is a lie, but then, in these times of rampant materialistic consumerism, so many things are lies and most of them are there simply to prop up our fragile egos in the endless loop of trying to fill a hole that was created by materialistic consumerism in the first place. I also am aware that the consumerism was simply a secondary control mechanism designed to obscure the 11th marble enigma being played out by international bankers whom are either Zionists, or Zionist sympathizers who think the 11th marble must be somewhere in the Middle East or Northern Africa.

Ego denies the possibility that everything we've been taught might actually be against our own better interests. Ego refuses to believe that our world is in the hands of some of the largest egomaniacs as a means of camouflaging itself from internal detection because it knows it cannot thrive if we do not see it as being our whole and true self.

Then again, I question what people are actually taught because I see people in some places and ask myself is this person for real??? My own ego sometimes has a difficult time comprehending just how stupid people can 'appear'... Once it finally digests this fact I must contend with the horror that this person is running for public office somewhere where they might inflict their own brand of stupid on a whole country, obviously on the merits of... Well, I don't even find her to be all that cute, though I suppose a portion of that is simply due to the fact that she spoke, and I listened rather than how I usually ignore the television whether I was looking at it or not. I suppose it all goes back to a statement I made so long ago I don't remember when it was: elections are nothing more than choosing the most polished turd.

I don't feel it's impossible to unlearn the things that have been forcefully injected into our minds, so long as we are willing to to pull the rug out from under our egos and admit to just how gullible we once were...



  1. shit speaking to shit doesn't amount to shit
    if you want to meet a troll then speak truth to shit.

    Agt 7667 black hole

    1. and there we have it... 'ask and ye shall receive' seems to work every time...