Thursday, 8 August 2013

Immunity and bankruptcy in the gangland gameshow of life

I was aware that this was in the works, I even wrote about it two years ago. Not that I'm going to say I told you so, because nobody was reading my blog at the time, so I really only told me so. Obviously there is a very good reason for doing such things, which is quite simply: to do whatever they want whether against our laws or not with no consequences to them. While I am on obvious topics MM&A is going to leave Canadian taxpayers holding the bag whilst also screwing U.S. taxpayers out of about 27 million that was on loan from the USG. Well done!

I am on to your little corporate scam... Yes I understand why you think you need foreign workers to fill the jobs that Canadians 'cannot'. Funny, where are the language police when you need them? French isn't even a required language in this job (see the bottom in preferred skills)... Funnier still, just below that the go on about how 'ethical' they are. How long do you think it'll be now before Tepco declares bankruptcy? I'm honestly surprised they've held out this long given that the entire system is pretty much bankrupt (morally as well as financially).

I mean, in what world does it make sense to do something like this? Is it not apparent to everybody yet that IMF and World Bank economists are a part of the criminal element causing the problems? Do world leaders not see that someone is deliberately fudging the numbers, or (what I suspect) are they paid not to examine such things very closely? No, they don't look the right direction because they are too busy trying to point the blame elsewhere to actually examine things. It has been long said that if you follow the money, you tend to get to the bigger picture, but instead we call such people arriving at such conclusions baby killers or some other nonsense... How does name-calling refute any fact of evidence? It doesn't... It doesn't even attempt to...

Point in case: somebody catches me with my hand in the cookie jar and calls me a gluttonous thief, so I call them a big fat doodie-head (at least there is an on-air apology for the use of the word "shill", mind you, not from Kevin O'Leary)... Did I even attempt to feign innocence that I was eating cookies before dinner? NOPE. I just called you a name, and did not even apologize for my actions... No explanation, no excuse, just a half-assed attempt to put you on the defensive and forget the accusation. I know this is a highly simplified and even somewhat retarded example but some people out there are so clued out that it has to be put into such perspective... Maybe were I to have illustrated my point using muppets it would be even better:

No, that was another blue furred monster, doodie-head!

I suppose I could always resort to a gag order if name calling fails... We could always train people how to write things "to be balanced and zionist in nature"... How is it balanced to ensure that things are always written from the account of .016% of the population? I like that it's hard to figure out the rules to editing wikipedia to be 'OUR right side of the story', not to be "honest' or 'truthful' or any of that other schmutz the schmatta-heads try to paint... NOBODY in that video mentions honesty, did you notice that? I did, I even played it back 4 times to make sure that I heard 'influence', 'balanced and zionist in nature', 'edit things that are against Israel', 'one side of the story', 'anti-semitism, anti-zionism, and garbage', and 'our right side of the story'... Nope HONESTY is not a factor here. Go on replay it, listen closely for the words that are not there and you will find truth is (is it usually is) the first casualty.

If you were ever curious as to where the real terrorists are, simply look in a mirror, because now 'domestic abuse' followed by 'stalking' is a 'campaign of terror'. I shit you not: it's right here in bold text. I am not saying the guy was right, I'm simply saying the headline makes it sound like he's somehow hijacked an entire fleet of airplanes or burned down entire villages rather than what he actually did. Facts be damned anyway, right? I get that we are on high alert looking for ourselves with our heads firmly lodged up our own rectums as herded by war criminals with less charisma than a piece of driftwood, that's why we are summarily executed for calling someone a bitch. Maybe my context is wrong, it's possible as I wasn't there, but there was a context applied that neither was she 15 seconds earlier... It's all part of the promotion up the ladder and journey towards a medal of honour chain gangland style gameshow we live in... Maybe she was a Canadian cop operating in immunity in the cross-border trade agreement I mentioned earlier, and maybe she'll be here next week under the same... Who knows? But it's becoming more logical to expect such outlandishness these days, so I no longer write anything off as too foolish to think anymore.

Moving on to other things... I am certain there is a story here that nobody will ever get to hear, I'm not going to speculate too far down the 'what are they hiding' path, but I am pretty sure it's something.

And to lighten the mood a little, I suppose there will be a funeral on Wall Street in the near future, but then maybe there won't be a Wall Street in the future... Not that I think this WOULD actually happen.


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  1. Apparently I missed this one: "Anti-gang unit in space owned by trafficker" Which fits appropritely into my topic...