Tuesday, 13 August 2013

a cartoonish super-villain doing the dishes in a rainbow-bright robe

I think the Vladimir Putin looked at the cartoonish super-villain portrait much of the western media has painted of him and pondered deeply about how he might be able to get that touched up by PRISMACOLOR into an even more cartoonish hue. So he banned gay propagandizing... I'm not really taking sides on this issue, and am by no means homophobic, but from a point of logic: there is not one single occurrence of a 'hetero-pride' parade that I can recall ever hearing about. Maybe it's that nobody feels that a school of sea bass in the open sea is as visually appealing as 10 variants of tropical fish trapped together in a salt-water tank, or maybe there simply has never been any agenda meant to promote procreation as a means of species propagation (unless I am simply in the wrong country). I suppose in the end I don't see why straight sex is still such a taboo subject while being gay is something to be openly proud of. It's a world of double-standards from that perspective... I fuck women, and as such there is zero celebration, but if I fucked men there's an an(nu)al parade... Not that I need a parade concerning whomever I choose to fuck because I consider such things to be nobody else's damned business in the first place so long as the other participant involved was both coherent and willing... But go on and paint bizarrely homosexual crimes as homophobic ones if you want to. I see someone ass-raping someone else with beer bottles and torturing their man meat and I doubt a truly homophobic person would approach either act with a 10-foot dildo.

Wow dirty, tell us how you really feel...

Speaking of dirty, which I don't think I was... Somebody thinks dirty dishes are a great analogy for a government agency scooping up all internet traffic... I don't, and thankfully, neither does this person so I don't have to type out my own analogy which would probably not be very PC or PG... Oh, wait. I think I already fucked over that rating system in the last paragraph, yup, no PC nor PG to be found there, oh well, I don't suspect I attract an audience with a weak stomach in the first place.

Not that there really is a PC world going on out there when all the big names will scapegoat the peons in service of an agenda that might not really be real. I do acknowledge that racism and sexism are real problems in some (possibly even most) parts of the world, but we really don't need the weight of one of the most powerful celebrity black women turning molehills into mountains... I mean, it isn't like the £25.000 handbag looks all that worth it's weight in dollar bills to begin with, but then I never truly understood fashion which should be apparent to most of my audience by now... [resist the urge to mention it, resist, resist, oh screw it...] It isn't like I walk around in $120 plain white T-shirts or anything like that. [OK, I feel like I've saved some willpower for more important things now]

I know that the whole of the PG/PC world is all about protecting the children, I just don't think that it is doing a very good job at it if we are to beleive that this really was the intended purpose, which I do not. Most times I simply see 'intended purpose' as being propaganda used to sell a bad idea as being altruistic and in good moral standing while, in fact, being it's own polar opposite. Call me jaded if that's what helps you sleep at night, even if that's not the correct word... I was jaded before I became incensed and outraged at my own jadedness, and while I was jaded I couldn't sleep at night, yet now I can and do... Funny how that played out, and I never expected such results...

Hmmm... I haven't read much past the headline in that last link but caught some interesting buzzwords: "resuming his career in international finance"... Why do these rat-bastard bankers keep provoking shit? It's as though they simply cannot overcome the want to fuck us all without even so much as buying us dinner... And at Morgan Stanley no less, though I suppose the Gold Sachs would have been too obvious and bourgeois a choice. At least his foray into political shit-disturbing landed him nowhere on the map so I will not count Quebec as completely brain-dead or zombified yet.


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