Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Spooning with the fishes

I suppose this should start with the big surprise of the day's news, which was there are no big surprises. How does one of Canada's largest and and most valuable companies lose everything and not find anyone to blame for it? Is it justice that a company goes from approximately 93000 employees in 2000 to bankrupt in just over a decade and nobody is found guilty of any wrong doing? Billions of dollars in reserve cash, vanished into thin air...

Again, let me restate that I am not surprised by this... It all fits into the program where psychopaths have each others backs. Carpe Diem and don't shit where you eat. Vikings of the modern era own the governments and legislatures, the false paradigm of competition vs. law and order seem to have all signed their non-competition agreements with one another and even pay each other with my money while claiming it isn't what it is.

But wait a minute, judges and politicians are on the public slush fund so would that not be shiting where you eat? Allowing millionaires to walk away scott free while misappropriating pensions that were meant to feed those who poured their sweat into the company to pay the millionaires who elected to gamble their money. Carpidium indeed.

I don't have concrete proof to back up these accusations, and Justice Frank Marrocco was a prosecutor in the Bre-X debacle which implies he might know a thing or two about fraud, but given that the case criminal against Bre-X was dropped, and the Ontario Securities Board lost it's insider trading case against John Felderhof I cannot help but feel that something still smells fishy here. You see, it does not seem to matter when millionaires steal more millions from hard working people (Bre-X's mine salting cost a number of retirement funds to loose hundreds of millions of dollars, which was met with absolutely no jail time. I'm pretty sure I could be sent to prison for stealing a loaf of bread these days... Maybe I just need to find the right accountants and lawyers and I'll promise to pay their retainers after they've stolen my first ten million.

History repeats. Heads they win, tails we loose.


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