Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Pseudology of the modern world

I've read a very odd argument to counter this trillion dollar coin idea in the last couple of days. It isn't really about fiscal immaturity or immediate currency deflation (which are plausible arguments), but rather focuses on the value and availability of platinum... Obviously this argument is fundamentally flawed and is out there as a strawman to further confuse those who already do not understand currency. Here's why: does a $50 bill contain $45 more worth of ink or or paper than a $5 dollar bill? NO. Did a $50 dollar bill cost $45 more to manufacture than a $5 dollar bill? NO. So what makes it worth more? The number printed on it... the addition of a zero increases it's value by a factor of ten. Beyond that, all that is required is that it is recognized to be legal tender. Society's imagination makes up the rest of the value.

If we all believe that a $50 dollar bill is worth 10 times the value of a $5 dollar bill, then it must be so.

You see, a trillion dollar coin could be smaller than a dime and made out of plastic or egg shells or pain-stakingly glued together used coffee grinds just so long as the government chooses to back it's value.


Therein lies the biggest trouble of all... If the government suddenly decrees this specially marked paper-weight to be worth some astronomical value then the whole illusion of money collapses and needs to be restarted from scratch. Call it inflation, hyper-inflation, deflation, hyper-deflation, or simply mass-hysteria or any other term you'd like to coin, but, the truth is that money is only worth a damn if people make it out to be worth a damn.

Since I am also aware that money in it's present form carries with it the invisible debt of interest, and that it has never needed to be so, I do not see any reason for it to continue to be worth a damn. Besides, the money junkies have already gambled more currency than exists anywhere both for and against themselves, it would be helpful if we could simply write them a cheque worth nothing and then move on with our lives.

The charade is over. The press and economists are making it sound like a joke because they know it would upset the balance of power and dethrone their banker masters. I won't attempt to suggest that it isn't going to affect everybody everywhere, because it will cascade into every country and collapse every economy across the globe, but that's exactly when we need to be the most alert... Global economic chaos is part of the plan tat would further enslave us if we are not paying attention. A one world currency is to be avoided at all costs because that plan was engineered long ago by those seeking to enslave everybody... In fact, I would even be willing guess that the wrong solution might even sound too good to be true.


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