Tuesday, 22 January 2013

the Snuffleupagus has left the building

Canada's biggest problem is all the coal-fired
nuclear (or nucular as some like to say) power-plants
that those damn Germans use... I think...
Sometimes I just have to laugh at it all. It's as though the only way I can remain sane is to realize that "the powers that be" are attempting to sell an 8-foot tall invisible purple bunny... I know purple is not invisible, and I stand by my analogy of the situation with the very simple logic: they call it purple, and I don't see an 8-foot tall bunny anywhere.

I know that laughing at it means I have likely not even read the story, but does one need to taste the arsenic to verify that it's toxic? I mean, seriously, when the ducks are frozen to the pond it is actually safe to assume it to be cold outside.

Chances are that the image attached to this story will be changed soon enough, to, I don't know, someone clubbing a baby seal, or raping children, or something just as mundane or obtuse. I understand that you can sell a lot more Ladas while the showroom's full of Porches, but will any of the Ladas drive away when they are delivered? I doubt it.

Is this just laziness, or is there a counter-strike of effort being placed here by cogs in the machine following orders deliberately badly in mockery of the order-givers? I can sympathize with that because my slave master is too stupid to realize I'm not laughing with him. Maybe the halfheartedness of the inner cogs play outward to the halfassedness of the apparent finished product which means there may still be hope. But then again, maybe the effort is lacking, because it can be, for which there is no hope, and it's me who is being mocked.

With all that name-calling and redefinition of words to mean what they didn't used to mean and a society too dumbed down to realize what's going down, it often feels like I could be the butt of the joke, only I'm not laughing. This game simply isn't all that fun anymore, and it's becoming increasingly easier to point out that a game is in play here. The rules to that game have already been slanted against us far enough that we can barely find our way home so adding to it with this smoke and mirrors bullshit tends to get under my skin.

You see, the story is now being made up so quickly that nobody really knows what the story is anymore. Outlaw freedom in the name of security, outlaw pointy objects in the name of safety, outlaw the internet to protect the children, outlaw steam for warming the globe, outlaw drugs to eliminate the competition, outlaw nature for the inability to capitalize upon it, outlaw speech and silence all debate, outlaw thought to eliminate dissent, outlaw assault weapons and prevent future crimes identical to the ones that weren't committed with assault weapons this time. Wait, what? Yeah, that sounds accurate... Stupid, but accurate none the less.

Any questions?


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