Saturday, 19 January 2013

Protecting the recepticals

There's an odd synchronicity going on right now. I sit here wondering what to write yet, I am already typing. I have no idea what I am going to talk about today yet somehow it will find me, and if it doesn't I can still republish things I've already pointed out in the past because I don't think enough attention has been focused on the topic. I could draw attention to things happening now, whether they are good or bad, and that it's the same tired faces which appear over and over again.

Over the past two decades my opinions have changed on a great many things, so I'm obviously not on some single and close-minded crusade. So why do some people never change their tune over the same two decades? For me, as I look into things and think about what I've read or been told, a certain level of clarity sets in. I can even go so far as to ridicule my previous stance on a topic when I understand that I was incorrect in my prior assumptions, and now have more facts to prove the opposing side of my own arguments. I'd probably make a horrible politician, but that would hardly be enough for me to blend in with all the other horrible politicians, namely all of them, but I'd at least attempt to stand up to the bankers if I were a politician. I know that has a tendency to end badly, but I would do it all the same regardless of the outcome.

Enough about that, I am not part of that club so I will not be invited to join. I'm not a good enough liar to fake my way in, nor will I try to. I pursue truth and seek to propagate what I find as soon as my schedule allows, so the pursuit of politics is completely incompatible with that. Besides that, there are so many lies and cover-ups in the name of profit over the interests of humanity that, when would I ever find the time to kiss babies and put on a rubber-faced mask pretending to give up the humanity I so desperately attempt to embrace.

There's too much at stake. The system is going to collapse under it's own avarice, it's own corruption, it's own greed, it's own short-shortsightedness. The system has already failed, but it fails to even recognize that choosing instead to ridicule anyone who dares to question how we got here. We don't own the government. The government is owned by corporations, bankers, and special interests. Voting is a ruse designed to give us a false sense of control over the system... It might change some faces every few years but the same ideas recirculate until they are eventually law, when we are on to them and protest or petition, something called SOPA or ACTA might die, but it just reincarnates into something called CETA, or goes underground for a few years like the TPP, or is lumped into some other legislation about protecting children because who doesn't want to protect the children? They all seem so hung up about penetrating, or was that protecting, the children because it's the only taboo left that compels any emotional response from us anymore. It's disgusting and yet every time people fall for it. We need a villain, and people fall for that too.

Anybody with any valid argument gets the bait and switch, demonized, ridiculed, outlawed or even killed. Why do we need the media to validate our world for us? The media is all owned by about 6 companies which use all kinds of tactics to control public opinion. They don't report unbiased news and haven't in decades. It's not really that far fetched to think that everything we've been taught, and everything that's flashed through the headlines is controlled when you consider the elite among society went to the same schools and are members of the same country clubs and fraternities, and even worked in the same places.


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