Friday, 18 January 2013

Props to the Ganda and luv to the frienemies

It's nice to see comments made to news stories, which have no real insight whether or not they are supposed to be good news or bad news, actually reflect that we understand that the statistics aren't worth a bag full of fart... Only 1 comment has been posted to this story since this morning, which presently reads:
Those numbers are so meaningless. The fact of the number "falling" only means that so many people are no longer collecting benefits. The truer number would be if they reported how many people actually started working because right now when your benefits end, you are no longer counted. That's it. You just cease to be counted. So, basically, reporting that claims fell by 1.9 percent is a fallacy. It could be that half of the .2% difference from the last report is made up of people who are no longer counted because benefits ran out even though they may still be looking for work.
I'll paste that here in case some server troll decides to delete it, because that is how server trolls can be at times.

The propaganda hypnosis is wearing off, the accounting fraud called 'economics' is being realized, the corruption in politics is becoming ever more unearthed, and cheating appears perfectly acceptable if you are a 7 time champignon (that's french for something that grows in shit, for those of you who do not see the punchline). While this does make it appear that my job in educating the less enlightened easier, it actually works more to the contrary. You see, while it is nice see that people actually read what I write, it is difficult to know whether I am preaching to the choir or not... No matter. I will continue to do it until my gut tells my that I no longer need to, and the original point of this blog was simply to put thought to print in some form.

<propaganda break>
Puppies, and pygmies.
</propaganda break>

Since it's been all over the news, does anybody else think it strange that France has found Germany's gold buried somewhere in Mali? Even Germany seems to be aware of this fact, yet nobody knows how it got there. Maybe Al Qaeda put it there so they're back to not being our friends... I'm not sure how that will work out in Syria given that the Syrian Al Qaeda are our friends... Maybe the two chapters are sworn enemies, and if left to their own devices they'd extinguish one another... Problem solved at a cost of none of my tax dollars. I can't possibly be the only person who sees the bizarreness of this 'on again / off again relationship'.

The frienemy of my frienemy is ???

They are not even trying to make it make sense anymore so why are we even listening to the dialog?

The freakshow must go on because it doesn't know the word stop, it's self propagating, baby. They even manipulate history as it's written expecting we won't see it because we're all doped up on antidepressants or something. I don't buy that, but then again at my salary I can't buy much of anything.


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