Wednesday, 23 January 2013

brainwashed wage slaves, unite!

Now and then, an encouraging piece of information surfaces that proves that all is not right with the world, and more and more people are waking up to it. I know this is causing panic in the upper echelons of the present control structure, because they rely so heavily on the illusion that 'they are concerned for our well-being' despite all evidence to the contrary. Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) the pendulum will be ready to swing back against them with the full force justice deserves, which, technically has already begun but does not have proper momentum yet.

The writing on the wall is plain as day (also see here, and here), yet so many of these miscreants choose to deny it. Why deny the obvious, does that stance not make these crooks look stupid and unprepared? Obviously they are unprepared which is why they are so busy trying to make us all criminals for as long as conceivably possible, which makes one think there might have been a deliberate effort showing us 'things must be changed'. No matter the additional cost to tax payers during this time of fiscal responsibility. Hospital funding: cut, education funding: cut, prison funding: increased, minimum sentences: increased, pardons: renamed and made much more difficult... Welcome the the latest extension of the United Penal Colonies (or was that States? I forget) of America. The land of the Corporations and bankers, and home of the slaves.

A better plan might have been to not fuck up, or, maybe, fire those who did fuck up since they are wasting public moneys and making the government look like complete buffoons (mostly, they are, but we weren't supposed to realize it). Regardless of how much they try to hide behind the curtains, things still manage to be exposed, and nobody involved ever seems to receive the same level of punishment us 'non-official private debt-slaves' would.

No, WE must be made examples of so WE remember our place in the food chain, which is below THEY. That rule of thumb has been obvious for a long, long time, but it hasn't been until much more recently that we've been able to compile all the bad shit they get away with...

Heck, I can barely keep up and can only draw your attention to about 5% to 10% of what I read, listen to, and watch. That will have to suffice since I cannot add hours to the day, nor days to the week, and I can, at best, hope to serve as an inspiration to anyone else seeking information because "the truth is out there". Don't let the talk of little green men discourage you, because that is precisely it's goal. The true balance is found somewhere in the between of: mainstream bat-shit crazy propaganda and underground bat-shit crazy propaganda, which is probably written and rubber-stamped by the same people. Logic alone can be flawed, emotions can be hijacked, deferring to both at the same time seems to work the best.

Do not fear having to admit when you are wrong, because it does happen, and, most importantly, you will find so many things you are already misinformed about (deliberately and with absolute purpose). Whether you are fully, partially, or not even remotely to blame for these misconceptions is of lesser importance and the emphasis is on correcting misinformed notions of how things are. The blame will figure itself out in a cascade of dominoes once you are ready to realize your primary guilt was ignorance, and it's proliferation. In the end, it is up to you whether to accept or reject what claims I or others make.

Sometimes there is only a partial agreement anyway. Take this moron, as an example... I do agree that he's an asshole who deserves to be kicked in the jewels by every athlete in the Special Olympics (maybe drawing the line at the paraplegic basketball teams, because the wheelchairs just sound too messy), but do not agree that this behavior is a reason for incarceration... I still defend his right to free speech, but think that being such a special kind of idiot should deny him of his right to sue for having been assaulted by those he's offended.


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