Thursday, 28 February 2013

Fuel surcharge consumerism in the land of wrung out pelicans

Well, the last piece of the puzzle fell into place for me just recently in that movie "collusion" which I posted a couple of days ago. Not that my opinions on money, banking, the elite, nor the ruling class have been altered greatly, unless you wish to add stupid to evil...

In fact most of my opinions have not changed on topics like 'climate change' not having anything to do with human activity, or economics being about creating false scarcities where none exist, or corruption and greed being the current drive of the legal, political, medical, corporate, and agricultural realms... All recent wars are still all about money, oil, or other natural resources that 'local' governments are not willing to hand over to international corporate hegemonic interests. The media still lies about anything they can think to lie to us about in the name of keeping us docile and eager to consume. And capitalism is still a thinly veiled consumerism all about owning the latest over-priced garbage engineered to break 15 seconds after the warranty expires.

Yes we are fed poisons, toxins and lies hundreds of times daily while the soap-operas have us bickering over the minutest, and most trivial details in the name of garnering more power to enslave us, then herd us like cattle into the meat grinders.

Except that here in opposite land, their apparent reasoning for doing such things is never going to work out the way the intend it to. They give the impression that it's all about globalization, one world, one currency, one repressive fascist dictatorship. How would that even work? Even if they somehow convinced us all and we really thought it was for the best, and we even voted 95% for their foolhardy plans it would run into a brick wall of it's own undoing dooming us to extinction in one fell swoop.

The trouble, and the thing that economists overlook (quite possibly deliberately), is that there is so much in our present civilization that is dependent on oil or other fossil fuels... Oil is in it's death throws at present time, which is to say that we've already found what oil we are going to find. Sure there is possibly a whole lot more of it buried so deep underground, or so far beneath the oceans or polar ice caps that it would consume more oil than it would yield to get at it. Take a look around you and try to figure out what you own that did not require oil? Think hard and remember that transportation of the raw materials and finished goods consumed oil. Plastic and rubber are oil based. The majority of the world's electrical production is generated by burning oil, so the machines that were used to manufacture your cheap crap indirectly consumed oil...

Just consider how much inflation there has been in recent years once the 50¢/ℓ gas ran out. It was only a couple of years ago that parcel shipping companies like UPS and FedEx began adding a 'fuel surcharge' to the price of every package which in the case of a 1 lb carton actually doubled the price in some cases. What do you think happens when $10/ℓ gas has arrived?

This 'Globalization' idea further exacerbates these problems by thinking that workforces shall be moved to where the resources are, and raw resources shall be moved to where the manufacturing costs are lower, and finished product shall be moved to where demand is... Farming actually becomes a huge problem once there is no ability to gas up the threshers, or crop dusters, or any other of these machines which make it possible to maintain a 10 acre farm. Sure farms can go back to the oxen pulled plow and dozens of people weeding the crops daily, and it will probably have to since, throughout the last 100 years of "progress" nobody has figured out how to generate electricity without requiring fossil fuels effectively. What we have is: Hydro-electric, solar, wind, and geo-thermal, which all require oil to build and maintain and need large plots of land and environmental modifications to actually be worthwhile, and many of these sources are extremely low yield.

And is you think Monsanto can save us, think again... Round-up is another oil-based product, which is actually producing 'super-weeds' which are resistant to just about any toxins we can throw at them.

The only way we'll survive this is through localization. Yes, we will need to take giant leaps backwards down the evolutionary scale back to family farms providing food for small villages and horse-drawn carriages. Oil will become so precious a commodity that transportation and travel will be severely limited. some of our most prized technological advances will fall by the wayside, and none of it is because the environment is going to change so drastically that Antarctica is the only place still habitable, but because the huge waste of resources like the Alberta tar sands will begin to cost 100 barrels of oil to produce 70 barrels... Just ask BP how much they profit from deep-water horizons in terms of oil spent VS. oil harvested (not dollars, because I think they stole from the American taxpayers somewhere along the line) not counting how much oil they wrung out of pelicans after the disaster.

I know the 'peak oil' graphs out there are numerous and most are purely speculative. but most have the same thing common: they all suggest that we are in that peak right now


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