Tuesday, 19 February 2013

All's well that ends.

Well, I'm sure it isn't the first time I mention my job might quit me, on my blog. But it's the first time my job has quit me. Ironically, I've been terminated for breaching the corporate policy against harassment in the workplace, because I dropped the computer I was carrying in my manager's doorway in response to him saying "you're suspended! Go home NOW!".

The irony is that this same policy is the one the corporation has failed to follow more than once when I have complained about the constant public insults, condescension, and idle threats my manager l believes is supposed to act as a motivator... He felt threatened that I followed a direct order? So what if I dropped what I was doing at the time? He was always insistent that he controls me, and that I'm not to ask how high, when he says jump, I'm too fucking jump until I've jumped high enough to satisfy him....

What a douchebag control-freak.

To add insult to injury, I clarified with the H.R. manager that my 'suspension' was not because I dropped and smashed a dead computer, but that the computer smashing came as a result of having already been suspended. She said that's the story she was told, but that my suspension was for a time-period which was yet to be determined... Don't call us, we'll call you... So a full week later a letter arrives via courier stating that I was terminated a week ago.

They fired me so hard that they had to invent time travel, I think? I'm not shocked that I was fired, but I am absolutely flabbergasted by this personal touch.

To have been accused of breaking the same corporate policy which was not exercised during the 5 years I was being verbally raped by my superior is way over the top. But the letter does state: "Such intimidation is also contrary to the company's policy on harassment in the workplace which must be respected by all employees at all times", which fails to mention managers, so maybe they are exempt.

Laws have been broken, my rights as a human being (not a human resource) have been violated, and it will not stand. I did mention to the H.R. person (who said this investigation and decision was out of her hands, yet she signed the letter) that I doubt anyone wants the government snooping around with regards to this...

In reality, I have nothing to lose here, since my job does not hang I in the balance anymore, but I am disappointed that I'm now reliant on a government agency against my desire to never deal with government agencies... It just goes contrary to my better judgement.

But I'm also not one for idle threats, especially since I've been threatened with being replaced by monkeys for several years now.


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