Wednesday, 12 December 2012

What a tangled web the spider-pig weaves

I'm aware that there is great inconsistency in the interval at which I post to this blog. I won't give a huge fanfare of excuses for that, except to state that this doesn't put food on the table. Someday that may change, but I don't see that day as being very soon. Now that that's our of the way, let's discuss some of the static in the air, shall we?

As I mentioned earlier, something's different this year. We could try to blame the calendar of a long extinct civilization or we could open our eyes and take a good look at what's going on out there.

Deep down, many of us can even feel the answer within ourselves, were we to take a moment to actually inquire within. True, the external forces are many, and they're crushing us from every vector in the X Y Z radius.

Whether monetarily (inflation, deflation, interest, fraud, more fraud, and taxes), spiritually (do as I say, not as I do and don't forget to pay your tithe), medicinally (it hurts when you feel? There's a pill for that), nutritionally (GMO, ketchup is a vegetable, junk food), educationally (dumbing down the curriculum, overpricing universities, training youth never to question an expert and simply follow orders), politically (bait & switch, rigged votes, to the lobbyists go the spoils, corruption run rampant, fascist lying cheats, oh, and we gave those taxes to rich people so they could afford to buy some airtime to tell everyone they are getting laid off next week due to the Malaysian children who need the pennies a day for food), legally (illegalize everything, right to work, police brutality unpunished, corporations and bankers are above the law), or outright deception (and in other news: puppies! And now a word from our sponsor: "Poor Paku here, works for pennies a day just to help support his family. Paku is only 5 years old! For only pennies a day, you could help give Paku a chance to have a real childhood. Send your cheque payable to the Malaysian children's fund and you, and 37 other families could fund his childhood, plus all our overhead for just $29.99 a month."). There are other things I don't draw much attention to, possibly because I don't believe them myself... Or, possibly, don't believe, yet. Things are completely out of control, the lies used to cover the older lies are getting ridiculous.


We all feel it. Some portions of it are louder than others, and these results vary from person to person as we are all catalyzed by some of these things more than the others. Resonance seems to be the best word to describe this particular phenomenon, but that is a whole other topic... The plan is what it's always been: if you aren't hypnotized by all the glitz, glam, and propaganda, you'll be paralyzed by the complete lack of a clear target on which to focus your rage. Sleep or go mad, dream or nightmare.

But the web wasn't spun with a sweet spot in the center so it knocks the spider off balance when too many see it for exactly what it is.

Fortunately for everybody, but the spider/pigs, that is exactly what's been happening. The propaganda train is off the rails and it's pedal's to the metal because the spider/pigs patience has worn thin. It's quarter past mealtime and the drool is beginning to sting, which can only mean it's quarter to complete obviousness at the very same time. Ugly isn't even the right word to fit that obviousness, but that will be when the line dividing the right from the wrong will be clear to all but the most dimly aware among us. And I say us because they already know exactly who they are. They are proud of of they. They marvel at the magnificence of the web they've weaved.

Pure arrogance prevents they from thinking we could possibly remain a threat so long as they can continue to label we as being kooks, crazies or any other of the rhetoric name-calling they are so fond of resorting to whenever we have some rational point without having, at the ready, some type of rational retort.

We may not all be on the exact same page as I am, but I don't even think that matters. We are many, the problems are many, and they likely all need to be approached differently which would make the same page a grave disadvantage.

I know. You didn't make the mess so why should you have to clean it up? Well, I didn't make the mess either, but that is a far cry from being innocent. I'm guilty of letting it get this far. We could always use the standby 'it was like that when I got here' except that it's far worse now than it was then and we know it...

They are past the point at which they can win this fight. Too many can visualise the master plan regardless of how well guarded that plan has been kept. The frustration at the constant failure to go unnoticed while attempting to forward the agenda only shines more light on the evils in play, and as can easily be observed: pure darkness cannot hold a lit candle.

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