Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Merry X-mas, now get back to work.

So according to the Mayans, we have ten shopping days left until the end of the universe... And I have no idea what to wear. If no great cataclysm occurs then I'll have to visit the mall, ugh, hardly the alternative I'd hope for.

OK. It's true. I don't believe the hype about how we're all going to die. Maybe something will happen but I doubt there'll be tons of drama about it. Which brings me back to the holidays.

This year, an interesting concept has been chosen by my brother in law. We are to wrap something from our house, which we no longer need. And these needless things go into a random draw. While I like the idea, I could fit all of my possessions into a station-wagon and still have room for passengers. So I'm not certain I'll find any of it to be unneeded. I'll keep looking though.

I suppose it's a sign of the times that we are recycling gifts. All that compound interest recompounding in culmination with the under inflated inflation rate to help our corporate owners sleep at night. Comfortably sleeping in their knowledge that they're earning their twenty percent return on investment, while we marvel over our 1.8% raise... And if we're really thankful we'll put in twenty percent more effort next year for more of the same, else find the door hitting us in the ass on the way out.

Just once I'd like someone to hand out the Christmas bonus and it's literally a bag full of shit instead of this figurative bag of shit I get every other year. Sure I'd be pissed off, but how would that differ from any other day?

I'm aware that I haven't really written about news here. I'll get right on that...


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