Thursday, 7 June 2012

Truth will out

Some media outlets have begun to report on the Stuxnet worm and are even implying a joint cyber-attack on Iran, was engineered by the U.S. and Israel. I am not shocked to hear this news as I had already become convinced of this almost a year ago when details about this virus began to emerge. I am mildly shocked that any media has decided to break this story at all. It is probably to subdue NEWS about Flame which can actually hijack Windows Updates and for all purposes looks like it was digitally signed by Microsoft.

The sudden extraordinary leap in the sophistication of these malware suggests some very deep pockets are involved and that cyber-warfare has begun. This is also not unexpected, but will be very problematic given that I think it highly unlikely that those who are responsible for creating these viruses have thought far enough ahead to have built any way to defend against their own creations, especially after the code has been modified by someone clever enough to point it back on it's creators like a mirror.

Only time will tell.


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