Thursday, 14 June 2012

As the world burns.

It is unusually quiet these past few weeks, at least news wise. Maybe my bull-shit-O-meter has finally become gummed up with the vile toxins and noxious chemicals pushed into daily life. Maybe the corruption, normally so obvious that it's practically wearing a sign, has started it's summer holidays. Maybe it's that pause wherein I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. Though I suspect it is none of the above, and is more likely that the Mainstream propaganda channels are reporting on things I have known for months or years while the underground has begun it's own propaganda mode of reposting the exact same stories I've already read.

I guess I shouldn't expect my own outrage to increase with any of this old information resurfacing, but I am just a little surprised that no one else seems to care...

My own town has been marching in the streets for months so there is not much I can expect to accomplish by spreading word amongst my circle of friends and neighbours... They already know, except for those few who want nothing to do with knowing, and there is little point beating a dead horse... Maybe they will be lucky enough to find that dream. I will be happy for them if they do, but will not waste my efforts by explaining why I will not even try to further their quest to achieve this falsely implanted vision of what we are supposed to want. The X-Files motto 'I want to believe' holds much more meaning than it used to, but the problem is I no longer want anyone to believe least of all myself.

I cannot help but think something is horribly amiss. That age old rhetoric that 'no news is good news' is a complete falsehood, because, really, there is no such thing as no news. Every minute of every day there is something newsworthy happening on this planet, and it has a much greater tendency to be some shit I did not want to hear much less believe, but yet it happened anyway. So why should I expect that nothing has happened lately?

Has the U.S. electoral process clogged the cesspit drain again? How about another expose piece on how radiation is good and healthy especially the awesome kind that Japan has been dumping into the ocean since 3-11-11. Again, not news. GOP guy this says something stupid and then does the exact opposite...  Still not news, at least not 'unexpected' news. Somebody ate someone else's face and somebody mailed body parts throughout Canada, but these stories are getting old now. Especially since one is in custody and the other is dead; mystery solved and we don't need to look for zombies under the bed... Anything beyond that is giving these psychos more fame than they deserve.

I had heard something about a vote on C-38 happening one day, but nobody ever came back with the results... I probably don't like them already, but how could I be sure if I nobody tells me what they were? I have a full-time job @ the salt mines and cannot do all the investigative journalism on my own, and since somebody thought it important to advertise the vote is today, you'd think the results... Wait, maybe reporting on those results is illegal now... Still, not very surprising, but it does flinch my bull-shit-O-meter a bit further towards cataclysm than it was this morning just to think of it in that manner. Maybe I just answered my own question.


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  1. Of course, wait until after I publish then make me look the fool:
    C-38 and amendments being voted on all last night...