Wednesday, 30 May 2012

How here is now?

So it would appear that somebody has sent a message to our leaders, and then he packed his suitcase and went away. It may have been lost in translation, or lost at the post office, but it it was clearly a message. Maybe he was high on Manchurian LSD or some other psychotropic drugs, but at times like this I often ask myself 'What would Karla do?', then I realize that Karla would do what Karla does and that is all there really is to that.

Is it warm in here? Maybe it's me.

Can anyone tell me where the critical mass is? I feel it is going to happen someday soon, and I don't want to be traveling in the wrong direction once it begins. Because, you know that all the good seats will be taken rather quickly and it's hard to watch the watchers from the nose-bleeds, and the echo really sucks up there. Maybe I already missed it.

Maybe it's all a big coincidence, maybe it's providence. Call it whatever you will, but you know deep down that the grass is not greener elsewhere, and the sooner that sinks in the faster we can stop bailing out the boat and teach each other to swim instead. Besides, the Captain is no longer obliged to go down with his ship, hadn't you heard? So why should we?


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