Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Extremely Moderate And The Extremely Moderated

I've been contemplating a great many things outside of my normal news feeds lately. Maybe it's the unusual weather we've been having, or maybe it's that most of my sources of reading material feel so totally compromised that they are no longer worthy of noting, fully reading, or posting here as an example. I've stopped reading at least 4 articles this morning at points when they cited San Bernardino as though it were a thing which happened as we've been told it happened, or which cite Russia's actions in Syria as being the start of world war 3, which actually started much longer ago and had nothing to do with Russia at all. It's somewhat off-putting to have come this far to find myself alone in an empty room, yet at the same time, I knew I'd eventually reach a point akin to this.

Corruption and mould spread in the same unseen manner yet can cause a change in the host in just a few short hours. These changes start out minute and barely discernible but can accelerate at amazing speeds at times, until eventually the host looks nothing like it's original form.

I've already stated my take on the sharing/gig economy, which is really just corporate greed disguised as empowerment of the people. All that whooshing noise in the background? That's the sound of the vampire squid struggling to suck blood from a stone. Nobody can pay back what banks think they are owed while most struggle to keep up with the increases in the cost of living, and living worse than we lived last year (provided we keep living). And, worse still, most of what the banks think they are owed, they owe each other in a bet where the last man standing will still be owed more dollars than exist

I suppose once realisation that all those dollars are not actually worth anything at all, and are little more than debt notes valued highest by those feel driven to keep them all to themselves for no other reason than to own the whole set, then not much else noteworthy is going on. Everything in the perverse, corrupt world of the real but not really real, was greed borne. It all depends on currency and it all falls back to currency, none of the terror wars, nor anti-terror riot squads, nor pro-anti-terror moderate terrorists, nor warmonger media exist without the currency granted them by those who'd really rather not share but do to suit some even darker agenda. None of it exists without vast amounts of currency which is seemingly very difficult to come by for Joe blow, yet Ahmed ala Alibaba the moderate extremist has a steady flow by the boatload. Wait, maybe he was extremely moderate, I forget at this point, but you catch my drift.

I mean, if you really do the math, terrorists are selling cheap (stolen) Syrian oil to Turkey and suddenly the price of oil drops globally. They'll probably blame that on us somehow, then steal our bank accounts whether we own cars or not.


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