Thursday, 10 December 2015

...Isn't Really News

Either I've failed at math, or the government has, especially when considering the claims I posted a week ago about the economy improving. Not that this qualifies as news, but these days most news is actually the furtherance of an agenda, which also isn't news to many of us anymore. Maybe it's yet another case of bad headlines chosen by deliberately bad journalists. Except that the first story chooses only to state we aren't doing this in the sixth paragraph, which, in newspaper terms is like continuing the front page story on page twelve. Opinions are already formed, emotions already emote, and fear has already taken hold. Once the bogeyman is in your closet, he isn't willing to up and leave without at least a few sleepless nights.
I may never understand why experts don't seem to merge ideas to the point where people owe more than they own because life is more expensive than can be afforded? It's more hard math to figure out that the inflation index is likely higher than 10% but claiming such would cause a ruckus with the masters the serve. Maybe they'll claim to see it as a problem, but in reality, debt is the financial system... Which is, in turn, a threat to humanity.
Not that it's the only threat, mind you, as there are many threats created to keep people from seeing the whole picture, and I mean many... And I do mean created, as in made up.
So much is made up these days, for example I'm not sure how one thing implicates the other here, but apparently this is the state of the law these days. However, I can totally see how this could occur, as I have almost witnessed it. What's worse is that there will soon be a hall of fame for all these political low-lifes. It should be interesting to watch them all fight for the lowest of the low spot, maybe they'll be televised awards for them some day. "And the Troll of the year award goes to" [sigh]
We have some more evidence concerning where all those Toyota trucks are coming from, which leads me right back to the place who was seemingly concerned with them to begin with. Again, this isn't really news...
I suppose, since I appear to be on a roll with non-news there's a few other things to add. Like the ISIS refugee crisis, or that the acronym was created by ISraelIS, so we can't actually be fighting ISIS if we are with them. It's not like I alone believe such things. Others are doing the math too.

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