Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Quite Some Time...

I don't feel I really need to say much in regards to San Bernardino because majority of what I might have to say has already been said elsewhere. Obviously there is something amiss when the MSM cannot decide if he was a normal guy who has been radicalized for quite some time:
This is all under the same Google News headline... It's not at all the same headline
I'm loving the scientific precision we're getting from that timepiece. I guess it has been more than a little while but not as long as a dogs age. And I could likely joke about it forever and a day... But I've spent enough countless minutes on that already [wink]. I also had a link in my feed that stated a patsie's shooter's father claimed his son supported ISIS and was fixated on Isreal, but the story it's linked to has been about the FBI and this "quite some time" thesis. When you can't read the original story because it is now a different story less than 12 hours later you know something is not right.

And, as expected, there were drills and training exercises happening at the time.

I know why the back story on the shooters is mutating from normal people to long time subscribers to terrorism weekly. There is no real way to defend against the average guy next door suddenly turned serial killer, so obviously, if laws are to be introduced to guard against home grown terrorists, there would need to be evidence that these people weren't normal. Which is also why the press got a guided tour of their home so quickly despite that the place is a crime scene. The press had to find obviously fake id's to get the word out that these were not normal people so laws and mandates written months ago could be paraded out as a means to prevent such things. Handy.

I actually agree with Bubba's wife on something [marked on calendar as the end of days], even though I don't see this whole 'disrupt' institution as actually being disruptive. I just can't quite see how you disrupt anything that's funded by the source of all currency?

So instead, let's fear our neighbours, or simply let our technology rat us out.

I'm about to put the kabosh on my whole news feed since every 3rd headline is 'radicalized for quite some time'. Otherwise I might start to actually believe it...


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