Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Colour By N...apalm?

The ridiculous nature of our cause and effect society never seems to veer off course... I'm not certain what the pastor thinks can be done to stop the illegal gun violence... Speaking of which, I would shoot the guy on the bus who thinks we all should be listening to his shitty music via his low-fi cell phone ghetto blaster speaker phone if such actions were available to me... It's some of that 'black douchebag who needs a synthesiser in order to sing... BADLY' music mixed with self-important ego-maniacal douchebags like this. He's in the seat right in front of me so the the chance of collateral damage would be minimal... As expected, he won't turn it off when requested either. And on scanning Bluetooth I am not surprised to find his phone listed as "mj the great"... I should hack it and play back the ugliest metal in my library.

Maybe I'm simply in a bad mood from yesterday's being dragged into the first Walmart I can recall my girlfriend actually wanting to strangle more than a dozen people in... My count was much closer to simply going down every aisle with a flamethrower and maniacal laughter, but I feel that way in close proximity to most Walmarts, give or take the laughter...

Things are just too blatant to ignore at the moment, and I know that creates its own stress which has to find an outlet somewhere. It's been claimed that there are places which 'help' integrate those who've succumb, but I don't fully trust the end results, and I've not even touched on the motives aspect which is where my imagination runs wild.

I know we are supposed to be completely dependant on the provided system instead of eschewing it as is my preference. Not that the system provides even the most remote sign of being a safe place to live while it continues to prove my point for me. So many things keep proving things I've said at another time that it, maybe, worrisome to some people, it's not worrisome to me to think my online privacy is easily compromised because I worried about that years ago and am finished with worrying.

You see, I've come to understand that if I am to be offed, disappeared, or silenced for writing things that drift through my mind during my analysis of what's being passed off as existence, then I will be. There's nothing at all that will change that... I know there are methods to hide, but then I also know I could easier not write anything at all... Not that any of what's been written here to date can't go into the ether in the blink of an eye, but I tried. I was compelled to by forces better described by someone with a better grasp of karma and other metaphysical forces who is not me... Not that I do not understand the process but simply lack the verbiage to adequately describe it.

Funny though, as I have just read some bullshit on the elites fearing 'flat earth theory' (link deliberately not provided) and delete yet another information source I find myself more reliant on my inner compass. I suspect 'divide and conquer' tactics at play, but suppose it could also be some evolutionary leap in consciousness. ...I won't lie in having done no research into flat earth theory, but the article I read started out well, then became a sales pitch of 'drink the tainted kool-aid' which I simply cannot buy.

'Global warming' or hell on earth? I'm not passing judgement, heck I've barely pondered that last link outside of its fucking hot over there... I'll leave judgement to my betters... But the global warming ideology was already replaced by climate change by those selling carbon credits, who are mostly behind the bombing to hell of the same locale... Hmmm, maybe I just judged, and maybe it's all part of the connect the dots colour by napalm world we exist in.


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