Thursday, 27 August 2015

Trumped Only By Sheer Insanity

Unless you are clinically dead, you've probably heard, read, or seen smoke signals informing you of the stock market's wild mood swings. If you hadn't, then my condolences to those who shall mourn your passing.

As an outsider looking in, it appears as though the market has begun it's death throws, or maybe it has simply entered menopause... Either outlook would seem to be bad news, but then, as an outsider, I will not mourn it's passing, nor will I send a donation on lieu of flowers... I'm not sending flowers either, mind you, but I'm certain this shocks nobody who comes round here.

September hasn't even started yet and its already looking like it'll be one helluva year, and before we know it we'll have to choose a worse solution or create a better one for ourselves. I have many ideas in the second category and absolutely no idea how to implement any of them in time... Worse still, almost none of them could be accomplished by a single person save for the "inquire within" phase, which I do not see helping anyone but myself.

But enough doom and gloom...

How about a joke? I'm sure there's a punchline in there somewhere... Actually, if I were allowed a computer in my cell I'd likely commit a crime, because the only 'life changing' thing that would be missing would be the 40 hour work week... I probably wouldn't mourn over that loss either.

Outside of all this, I've been finding that the level of stupid seemingly grew during that week of being unplugged... Here's a gem depicting just how stupid bureaucracy is. There are others I could regale you with, like closing a business on religious grounds, or um, I'm not sure what to call this one. And don't even get me started on how there's a breaking news item every time Trump passes gas. I swear there were 20 links to that last story in my feeds. I suppose I should expect nothing less than pure insanity in a world that's clearly lost its mind.


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