Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Politically Incorrect Hand Gestures

I'll admit that there are things I occasionally do not understand. I am, afterall, human, and do not have a masters degree in linguistics and wurds. Not that I feel such a paper is an open license for permanent douchebagery and fuck-headedness. Then again, I suppose if you really want to split hairs (offense intended to all the genetic phreaks born without the ability to grow even a single eyelash, fuck those people), then everything is offensive to at least one humourless half-wit in the 7+ billion people currently sharing this planet. That said, I think we must do away with language altogether since anything I say can be used to offend somebody... I shall begin this protest to this offensive and racist bigoted dictionary by using only hand gestures to communicate... Unfortunately, at this time, I only know one universally understood gesture, and I think it's likely offensive to everyone.

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