Friday, 12 December 2014

Long Division Based Addition

I've been highly focused on local news in the hopes that there would be some mention of that bus corralling episode. Alas, there has been nothing to suggest it actually happened, maybe I need to check the French papers...

What I have found instead, is that politicians in this country seem to think the economy will fall for reversed psychology. I can see no other way to exemplify how introducing tariffs is supposed to lower prices... Can you? The optimistic and hopeful side of me wishes that these proposals were simply the rantings of idiot savants who still have no idea how they managed to land their cushy seats of presumed power, but the realist in me knows these moronic ideas which will come into being law are in repayment of blood-debts they owe to those corporate sponsors and bankers who made their undeserved jobs possible.

Worse still, this is from the same political party, who, years ago, opened the floodgates to all kinds of 'settled out of court' lawsuits by corporations against the government for cutting into their profits by introducing tariffs, or 'clean up after your own messes', or 'no you can't turn 5 lakes into swamps of toxic gelatinous orange goo' types of rules all those years ago when Mulroney gave us free trade. I challenge you to find a single corporation v Canada free trade case that made it to a verdict, or even one which the government didn't put the citizens tax moneys into the pocket of a corporation that cried out 'no fair!'. If I still had rights as a person I'd start my own lawsuit... I simply don't have the financial backing to become a corporation and, as such, reclaim my right to personhood.

Come to think of it, I have no idea what I am in the eyes of the law now that corporations are human... A garden slug? No that can't be it, I'm pretty sure even they have rights thanks to the terrorists @ PETA and/or Greenpeace.

I suppose it is part of the effort to criminalize free thought that leads to the identity crisis some of us face in a world surrounded by automatons not ready to accept the ugly face of cold hard truth. Everything is founded on a blind faith that voting brings about change and money is an asset, and thus far, blind faith has kept things going. The trouble with blind faith is that one only need lift the blindfold to realize that where we are is a very different place to where we'd assumed we were. The only reason for not lifting that blindfold is the fear we don't have the resolve to accept that we were misled because we allowed ourselves to be.

Sure there will be some who are too invested in the lie to back out now, but I am optimistic that the numbers will ultimately be low. This is why the bean-counters have been recording our every word in order to try to gain some kind of leverage to hold us in check. My past is well known to those I am closest to and I own my fair share of not so proud moments, but the past cannot cloud the future. If I disavowed my past I'd doom myself to the exact same failures I should have learned from last time, which, is similar to how we collectively ended up exactly where we should not want to be. The history of our mistakes was written to be the nostalgia of the good old days even if there was little good about them at all. Why else would a name like the great depression be chosen? One might think the awful depression would serve as a better testament to just how shitty things were, but no it was great...


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