Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Drop-n-sniff Checkpoints And Full Access Pants

Maybe it's the constant barrage of headlines I'm supposed to be outraged by constantly being lobbed at me from all sides of the media and the not so media, or maybe it's the obvious and self-evident nature of the A to B to C to D action plans which were always hiding in my peripheral vision just on the edge of plain sight, but presently there is not much impacting on me. Maybe I've become jaded, or maybe it's the reassurance that I've not been insanely ranting over nonexistent shadows of things which will only worsen over the years. Maybe I've simply run out of ways to reword myself such that even a copyright lawyer wouldn't find traction were I to attempt to sue myself for plagiarism... -OR- maybe we are finally nearing that pivot point where sudden change can happen in the blink of an eye making things infinitely better or worse...

Admittedly, I've never been great at reading the present moment for being exactly what it is, but generally understand that something big is in the realm of 'very soon' in much the same way as one can smell the rain before it falls.

(Long pause between starting and ending work)

I found out that, had I taken my regular bus home from work yesterday, I would have been held captive (by armed thugs) along with every other bus through a busy bus terminal for four hours without explanation, only to be questioned by someone who doesn't speak my language... Yes the TSA style terror checkpoints have started on the Montreal public transit system, even of the news media is apparently unaware of it... Maybe this counted as something big, but I doubt that this is that... It certainly does change the conversation though.

Nope just scanned local news about 24 hours after the event and there is no mention of it... That likely means they did not find whoever they were looking for, and if it's me, I won't be there again today. It's unlikely that I'm a big enough blip on the radar to cause a rush hour transit blackout for a quarter of the island of Montreal on a frigidly cold evening, but then I read all kinds of outrageous stories even more clandestine than this scenario I've invented. It's unfortunate that in these times we are left to fill in the blanks with or wildest imaginary story, only to realize it doesn't even sound extraordinary next to the real (if that's what real even is anymore)...

I've lost my train of thought, or maybe it hit a drop-n-sniff frisk-n-measure terror in the front drugs in the rear check-point... I'd heard they were planning that with trains too.



  1. drop-n-sniff frisk-n-measure

    This is cery funny Dirty Kid.


    1. It still does stand to reason that the kettling of busses is the fabrication of a single person, however, the motivation behind making up such a tale is unclear at best... I shall keep an ear to the ground as there should be at least some chatter about it somewhere as out would have affected many people.

      Meantime, I know it was not in search of 'moi', since my morning path seldom deviates, and my evening path could lead me anywhere.