Thursday, 27 November 2014

This Shrinking Hexagonal Glass Room

I've just read a comment from another blog author, somewhat better known than myself, about having to treat people with kid gloves more and more lately... Normally this would compel me to reply in the comments section, except that, this time it seemingly warrants an entire posting of it's own. Not that I have any differing stance or opposing view but rather a huge expansion on the whole concept.

Yes, people are easily enraged by some of the most bizarrely, out of context, misunderstandings of just about anything overheard whether directed at them or not. Most of genpop here in mind prison, chained to the bed in debt-shackles simply are not attuned enough to realize that we are all slowly being kettled. Between the lowering of a 'food basket inflation rate' by tossing 35% government subsidized malnutrition items into the basket, and the police brutality state of affairs on the street while the uppermost echelon of bandits and pirates rape and pillage anything not already raped and pillaged.

By now, most people feel the room getting smaller, but haven't noticed the glass walls getting closer leaving them with a seemingly unjustified claustrophobia. This illusion leaves an unfettered frustration, or, at the very least a misdirected anger in a single direction when every direction is applying pressure. Obviously more than one release valve is needed otherwise people wouldn't be so edgy...

It's true that I was never lulled into thinking life was fair, but for those who were, it's a shock to see stealing a loaf of bread being punished for ten thousand loaves in labour, while stealing ten million dollars gets hit with a quarter million in fines.

The fact that the next election in the land of the asleep and the home of the slave is shaping up to be a battle of the dynasty families (seriously? Bush VS Clinton? Again? Really?) seems to send a pretty clear message that voting counts for nothing. Not that I honestly think this phases enough people to answer the age old question: if there's an election and nobody votes, who wins? I'd love to see that (grin).

Originally I was thinking I'd dedicate an entire posting to police brutality since I seem to have an overstock of saved links to such things, but really, that's just doing the same thing I've been speaking of... Pushing against one of the walls of this shrinking room, which is probably hexagonal between politicians, bankers, lawyers, media, police, and corporate personhood... Yup, that's six sides.


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  1. lay off the cabala and try numerology for a while

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